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Angels Of The Realm

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Angels Of The Realm


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Our IRC cannel is on Espernet at #Angels_Of_The_Realm

Mostly White team alliance

Angles Of The Realm

Realm Law

We the nations of Angles Of The Realm do solemnly swear to adhere to the following Law and to respect and honor our leaders. Our main concern is the safety and growth of our members and we will ensure that safety by all means necessary within the limits of the Law and to speard peace and prosperity thru the Whit sphere of planet bob. We value and strive for peace, but will not hesitate to take up arms to defend our members and allies. Members accept and will adhere to this Law; failure to do so will resort in punishment.

Article I: Government Roles and Responsibilities

Section A: Primearch

The Primearch is the main head of power and the face of the alliance. Its main concern is the safety of the members in the alliance and the stability of the alliance. The Primearch must do everything in its power to protect our members and treat them fairly. The Primearch is elected to a three-month term, as defined bellow. The Primearch appoints Guardian Angels to every Legion as well as five Prophets to assist with governing the alliance. Out of the Prophets, the Primearch must appoint one to be High Prophet.

Subsection 1: Powers of the Primearch

The Primearch has the power to veto any bill passed by the High Council of Archangels, unless the bill was passed unanimously, expel members from the alliance deemed by the Primearch to have endangered the well-being of this alliance or it members, sign treaties/war declarations on behalf of the alliance, put up a bill for vote in the High Council without needing to be motioned by 25% of the Archangels, call for an alliance-wide ratification vote on pending legislation at any time, and carry out or delegate other duties not enumerated in the Law as the Primearch sees fit.

(see Prophet For More Info)

Subsection 2: Electoral Process for the Primearch

A nomination period of 48 hours starts seven days before the end of the Primearch’s term, during which any member may announce candidacy for the office. After that, a period begins wherein members may ask the candidates questions. This period lasts for 48 hours. After that, on the third day before the Primearch’s term ends, voting begins for the new Primearch. Voting will last for three days.

Section B: Prophets

The Primearch is allowed to appoint up to five Prophets to advise and assist the Primearch in the governance of the alliance. The Prophets derive power directly from the Primearch and so the Primearch is responsible for all their actions. He may dismiss any of them at anytime. From the Prophets, the Primearch will appoint a High Prophet to be the Primearch’s second in command. In the Primearch’s absence, the High Prophet will act as Primearch. The Prophets’ terms ends when the Primearch’s term ends.

Section C: High Council and Archangels

the High Council is the legislative body of the Realm, and is comprised by Archangels who serve to represent the membership. They are popularly elected through the same procedure as the Primearch, and serve for three month terms. Elections for Archangels are held in the midpoint in the Primearch’s term. Archangels chose one amongst them to be the High Archangel, who will make sure everything runs smoothly in the High Council. The High Archangel can also decide if a bill should be put to an alliance wide vote, rather than only being voted on by the High Council.

Subsection 1: Archangels Powers

Bills will first be brought to discussion in the high Council were members and Archangels alike can start a bill. Once that bill is motioned by at least 25% of all current Archangels, the bill is put to a vote in the high council were the Archangels have 48 hours to vote. The bill is put into effect of whatever the majority of the Archangels vote, any Archangel who reframes from voting will not be counted in the vote. Bills do not only affect the law but could declare war, peace, ban members, remove any member that the Primearch appointed from his/her position if they feel they are inadequate for the position. Any Bill impeaching the Primearch needs a vote of 80%. If a Bill is vetoed by the Primearch it dies but may be brought up again in the high council.

Subsection 2: Electoral Process for Archangels

Archangels are popularly elected to 3 month terms. There shall be one Archangel for every 20 members, but never less than three. A nomination period of 48 hours starts seven days before the end of the Archangel’s term, during which any member may announce candidacy for the office. After that, a period begins wherein members may ask the candidates questions. This period lasts for 48 hours. After that, on the third day before the Archangel’s term ends, voting begins for the new Archangels. Voting will last for three days. When voting members will have as many votes as there will be elected Archangels. Starting with the Candidate the received the most votes will become High Archangel and take the 1st Archangel seat in the high council. The reaming seat in the high council will be taken by those who received the next highest votes in the election.

Section D: Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels are the Lead each Legion. Members of each Legion look to their Guardian for guidance and support. When attacked Member must report in their Legion and await for Guardians directions and arrange aid. Guardians Terms last as long as the Primearch you appointed them position. Unlike Prophets once a Guardian is appointed the Primearch cannot remove him only the High Council can. The Guardian from the strongest Legion takes the roll of the High Guardian he is there to organize and help communications between Guardians , members and Primearch. He can also remove a Guardian from a Legion if he feels he is not adequate for the Job.

Section E: Members

All members are expected to respect their Leaders and to listen to the wisdom that they have as well as abide by the Law. If at any time the members want a alliance wide vote on a bill they can get a petition signed by more the 85% of all member (including: government officials) the bill will be put to an alliance wide vote were once voted for the affect of the bill will follow the Majority vote.

Article II: Internal Affairs

Section A: Members Rules and Regulations

All members are expected to respect the law and the leaders that govern with it. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it. We are a peaceful alliance there for we have several things that we want member to prohibit from doing so that we may keep the image of a peaceful alliance. At no time should any member attack another nation unless given permission. At no time should any member flame another person on our forum or on the big boards. We prefer if you receive/send any aid that you inform your Guardian. We do not allow double membership meaning at no time can you be a member of another alliance. Spying is considered Treason any member found doing so shall be banned and ZIed.

Section B: Members Right

With being a member of Angels Of The Realm you have certain rights that other alliances do not offer. All members have the right to call for a fair trial in the high council. All members have the right to elect their leaders in a fair and organized manner. All member

Article III: Foreign Affairs

Section A: Foreign Diplomacy

We are a peaceful and friendly alliance. We welcome all foreign visitors and are always looking forward to meeting new people. Any alliance wanting an embassy is welcome to request one in the entrance hall. Being peaceful we believe that war should always be the last and final resort to conflict. We believe hole heartily in negotiations.

We also Swear to adhere to any treaties signed by the High council or our Primearch. (list treaties and Links below)

Section B: War

Being peaceful war shall be avoided at all cost at anytime during a physical conflict the Angels Of The Realm well adhere to a no nuke 1st policy.

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