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New Panama Military Development

King Timmy

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[size="7"][b]Current Military state: [/b]DEFCON 4[/size]

[size="7"][b]New Panama Air Force
312 x F-23 Black Widow
96 x E-23 Electric Widow
192 x A-10 Thunderbolt
192 x F-35C Lightning II
36 x E-35C Electric Lightning

96 x B-1R Lancers
96 x B-2 Spirits

96 x AH2 Comanche
180 x AH1 Apache

120 x Lynx Wildcat
120 x Merlin AW101
120 x Chinook HC3
96 x V-22 Osprey

108 x Avenger UCAV

24 x E-767 AWACS
36 x E-2D Advanced Hawkeye AWACS

24 x KC-767 AAR Tanker

[size="7"][b]New Panama Navy[/b]
[b]18 Astute Class Submarines[/b]
PSSN Ambush, PSSN Artful, PSSN Audacious, PSSN Agamemnon, PSSN Anson, PSSN Ajax
PSSN Brawl, PSSN Beware, PSSN Binary, PSSN Bold, PSSN Brave, PSSN Belief
PSSN Charger, PSSN Chariot, PSSN Chandhok, PSSN Chivalry, PSSN Charming, PSSN Chimera

[b]6 Ohio Class Submarines[/b]
PSSBN Vanguard, PSSBN Victorious, PSSBN Vicarious, PSSBN Victor, PSSBN Vigilant, PSSBN Vengeance

[b]8 Brausnchweig Class Corvettes[/b]

[b]8 America Class Amphibious Assault Ships[/b]

[b]8 Narino Class Battleships[/b]

[b]7 F-125 Class Frigates[/b]

[b]6 Zumwalt Class Destroyers[/b]

[b]7 Panama Class Cruisers (Based on the CG(X) program)
[b]6 Santana Class Aircraft Carriers (Based on Gerald R. Ford Class)
[size="7"][b]New Panama Army[/b][/size]

584,000 Personnel
5840 Challenger II Tanks
5840 Warrior IFVs
5840 Star Streak SAMs
5840 PzH 2000s
2920 Jackal TSVs
2920 Coyote TSVs
2920 Panther CLVs
2920 Mastiff 2s
2920 Multi-roll Humvees

[b]New Panama Army Structure[/b]
Each corps of 80000 men is divided into 8 Regiments designated 1st to 8th. Each Regiment is made up of 10000 men and divided into 10 Battalions of 1000 men. Each Battalion is divided into 10 Platoons of 100 men and each Platoon is divided into 5 squads of 20 men containing 5 fireteams of 4 men.

[b]Panamanian Engineers Corps[/b] (PEC)
The Panamanian Engineers are the first in and last out in any war zone. From setting up Operating Bases to clearing mines the Engineers perform a wide range of roles including bridges and demolition.

[b]Panamanian Marines Corps[/b] (PMC)
The Panamanian Marine Corps are the amphibious assault infantry. Operating from Ships of the Panamanian Navy, these men can attack from the sea and are capable of fighting on any terrain.

[b]Panamanian Infantry Corps[/b] (PIC)
The Panamanian Infantry Corps are soldiers who are specifically trained for the role of fighting on foot to engage the enemy face to face, to kill or capture him, to seize and hold ground and to repel attack, by day or night, regardless of season, weather or terrain

[b]Panamanian Armoured Corps[/b] (PArC)
The Panamanian Armoured Corps are the operators of the Panamanian Army's Armoured Fighting Vehicles.

[b]Panamanian Artillery Corps[/b] (PAtC)
The Panamanian Artillery Corps operate the Panamanian Army's artillery, and co-ordinate with the Panamanian Navy and Air Force for air strikes.

[b]Panamanian Airborne Corps[/b] (PAbC)
The Panamanian Airborne Corps Paratroopers are soldiers trained in parachuting and generally operate as part of an airborne force. Paratroopers are used for tactical advantage as they can be inserted into the battlefield from the air, thereby allowing them to be positioned in areas not accessible by land.

[b]Panamanian Border Defence Corps[/b] (PBDC)
Tasked with defending New Panama’s land borders, they have a 24/7 presence along every border. Their presence will be determined by any impending predicted crisis along the borders meaning that they will focus on a border where conflict is ever becoming more likely and only have a presence at border crossings along friendly borders.

[b]Panamanian Special Forces[/b](PSF)
The best of the best in the Panamanian military. Members from the NPA, NPAF and NPN all compete to be selected for the most prestigious section of the military. It is a test of strength, endurance, and resolve. They must endure months of gruelling selection and training process and come out on top to be selected. Their motto is "Non deditio!", translated from the latin to "Never surrender!". It comprises of 24,000 Soldiers.

[b]Panamanian Logistics Corps[/b] (PLC)
The men and women of the Panamanian Logistics Corps keep the People's Republic Army running. It is made up of 60,000 Men and Women (Non-combat).

[size="7"][b]SSBN - Agressive Nuclear Force[/b][/size]

[b]Ohio Class Submarine[/b]
Each submarine carries 24 submarine launched ballistic missiles that can be launched whilst submerged. Each missile can carry 12 warheads. This means there is a total of 1,152 warheads currently in service in the Panamanian Navy on balistic missiles.

[b]Astute Class Submarine[/b]
Armed with the Hypersonic Class cruise missile which can be fitted with a tactical nuclear warhead which has a variable yield from 5kt to 200kt and a range of 300km.

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The military of New Panama has been placed to DEFCON 2. All troops are to be readied as quickly as possible in fear of more retaliation attacks like the last train bombing. Regular flights would be made by the air force fighters and AWACs to defend against any attacks from the air. The remaining Navy would be ready to defend against anything coming from the sea.

The submarines that had already departed carried with them 6 special forces operators each. They were armed with a variety of weapons assault rifles and sniper rifles all with appropriate silencing devices. They carried with them both thermal and night vision scopes as they intended to work mostly at night. They had several explosive devices with them for breaking through walls and destroying enemy positions as well as specified explosives with shaped charges to destroy enemy vehicles such as tanks and APCs. They will have with them other electronic devices such as man portable UAVs and surveillance equipment including grenade launched cameras.

Their mission will to be win the hearts and minds of the local people and initiate covert attacks against Yaza Hajin whilst gathering intelligence and moving up the ladder towards those in charge of the terrorist organization.

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Today 10 new ships were launched by President Narino. The 5 corvettes and 5 amphibious assault ships would be the first of many new ships almost ready for service with the New Panama Navy and more would be introduced over the following months.

The ceremony went well with all bottles of champagne smashing on the first attempt.

The 5 Braunschweig class corvettes and 5 America class LHDs were expected to enter service in the next few days.

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In the past few weeks, 15 more ships have undergone their final sea trials and are now fully operational in the New Panama Navy. 5 F-125 Class Frigates were the first to pass trials and enter service closely followed by 5 Zumwalt Class Destroyers which were fitted with rail guns capable of firing 200 miles. Last to enter service was a newly designed battleship. 5 new ships were fitted much like the Zumwalt Class Destroyer, however the front VLS had been removed and another rail gun had been put in it's place. The rear VLS had also been halved in size to allow more room for Rail gun ammunition. They were given the name Narino Class Battleships after the president that had insisted on their development.

All 15 new ships were passed for service and are now fully operational with the New Panama Navy.

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Over the past few months the New Panama navy has almost doubled in size. The additional ships included:

3 Braunschweig Class Corvettes

3 America Class Amphibious Assault Ships

3 Narino Class Battleships

7 Panama Class Cruisers (Based on the CG(X) program)

2 F-125 Class Frigates

1 Zumwalt Class Destroyer

6 Santana Class Aircraft Carriers (Based on Gerald R. Ford Class)

In addition to compliment the new aircraft carriers various compatible aircraft were manufactured.

With the cessation of hostilities with the now defunct Najambia the DEFCON level was reduced to 4.

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