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Haven: A better place

Lord Zephyr

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[b]Some time after the disaster of GPnS[/b]

Alexander had finally given up. He tried to rally his people. But with the entire population of the original GPnS dead or in poverty, he could not even start rebuilding. With no funds, and what remained of the army falling apart, Alexander moved west. Abraham stayed behind. He could not leave his people, especially in this condition. Abraham would set up communications with Aeon to cede the territory back into its original owners, and Alexander made sure that the aid they required was given. However he could not rule a nation when he needed charity from his allies.

In the Congo the settlements were ruled by warlords. Rivers were the mode of transportation here, and the terrain made it difficult for Alexander and his entourage of Royal Guards to maneuver through and visit each Warlord to win their support in creating a new nation. Alexander still had some skill with his tongue, and what he could not ask for and get, the display of his Royal Guards would. Just as his father won over the leaders of the Arabian Peninsula when he took that over, Alexander won over the leaders of the Congo’s.

With his vision of a unified territory he made it to the Atlantic Ocean and convinced the majority of the population of the former nations of The Democratic republic of Congo, Congo, and Gabon. Setting up his capital in the two former capitals of the Congo and the DR of Congo, Kinshasa and Brazzaville were united into one city on the river.

OOC: Official DOE in a moment. This is going to be my private development thread for my new nation.

Also, see [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=88215&st=0&p=2363717&hl=weapons&fromsearch=1&#entry2363717]This thread[/url] for references to GPnS tech. I will essentially be carrying them all over to Haven.

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The defense of Haven was paramount in Alexander's eyes. It was one of his uncles teachings. Luckily Abraham released most of the former GPnS's technology to him before they left GPnS. The most important of those being the orbital assets of the SDI. While the ground assets were being constructed, and deployed throughout the nation, building and launching new satellites would take much longer to do in the new nation. With that particularly large piece of Haven's defensive puzzle in place Alexander and the Grand General could focus on building up their army. Unfortunately the infrastructure in Haven was not yet built up to have all of the advanced technology Abraham had given to them. They did find that they could manufacture a few things still, though they wouldn't be quite as effective.

The standard infantry armor. The weapons, and a simplified version of the specialized troops armor we all under Havens manufacturing capabilities. Most of the mechanized vehicles would require parts they could not make and there was no simple way of replacing them. Fortunately the schematics Abraham gave to the Ministry of Science also included the designs of the old American military vehicles they used before Matthew developed the much more advanced ones. With those designs Alexander had his mechanized divisions of Abrams, Humvees, and the F-22 Raptors being made.

The Navy would follow suit, with only the four aircraft carriers surviving the civil war, even then those requiring a huge refit. Before long the Navy would be fully built into a fighting force.

In the interior many jobs were being made, not only in the military sector, but all across the board. Schools were being built, universities funded with grants, and big companies investing in the growing industry of the African nation. With all the new opportunities being made most of the populace didn't mind the high taxes associated with the government spending. An area once impoverished after the fall of the last regime was now flourishing once more.

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Progress was being made on the SDI's infrastructure. With the addition of 80% of GPnS's satellites and the ground emplacements the SDI obtained coverage over ninety percent of the country. Over the course of the next few months Haven will be launching new satellites to fill in the remaining gaps as production of the ground emplacements continue to be put out and implemented.

The army has grown fast, with the total number of active recruits at 384,000. The number of armored vehicles number about 3,800. The navy is now large enough to be broken into four squadrons, each with an aircraft carrier. Development of submarines is underway and the country is looking to Aeon for designs. The air force has eighty squadrons of planes scattered around the country.

With the development of the military slowing down Alexander turns his attention to the transportation network. Along side general improvements to the roads and highways of the nation Alexander has begun plans for building another underground network of trains, similar to the one done in his uncles nation Raochin. Still in it's designing phases the network of underground trains would encompass most of the nation's major cities making travel between them easy. Ultimately Alexander's goal is to let people walk between cities without ever setting foot above ground.

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[classified] OOC: Just in case it wasn't obvious enough that everything in this thread is classified. Just consider this uber classified.

IC: With the arming of the Army complete, the direction of funding in the military turned to fortifying. Alexander had no plans of launching assaults on other nations yet, so he knew that any fighting would be defensive. The Grand General called his latest improvements: Operation Ragnarok. Outside of every major city was construction of a Military base. Each military base was fortified against invasion with high walls and defensive emplacements. Each base would come outfitted with bunkers filled with supplies to outlast enemy troops in the event of an attack. It would also come with tunnels that lead to outlying regions outside of the base where supplies could be shipped in, as well as soldiers being shipped out to attack enemies flanks. The bases would have numerous helicopter pads and and a few would even have runways for airplanes.

Development in the Congo would proceed as well. With secret supply cache's being built and hidden throughout the dense forests. Tunnels to and from underground bunkers hidden in the dense canopy of the Congo would be made as well. The bunkers would hold a variety of things, weapons, food, ammunition, and various other military supplies. Larger bunkers would hold reserve vehicles, aircraft, and artillery. Troops would be trained in heavy guerrilla warfare, setting traps using the natural terrain, learning to move throughout the forests without being seen, and learning to survive in the Congo if necessary. Native tribes were enlisted to help with this task, and a few were recruited into the army as guides. Native African tribe languages made for excellent code languages as well. Individual squads were encouraged to learn their native guide's language to use amongst themselves while military cryptologists worked to create easy to understand but hard to crack code languages for radio communications. Satellite uplinks were put into most bunkers, and a few would even have radio towers disguised as trees. Equipment in the bunkers and military bases would be protected against all explosives but nuclear, and shielded from EMP.

Citizen's were encouraged to own guns as there was no law against owning them and a license for carrying was easily enough obtained. they were also encouraged to get training from local military centers that offered free basic combat training and rifle training to anyone who would come. Not to mention the massive amount of nationalists propaganda that was being poured into the cities. Ensuring that any occupation would be a hard one. To the dismay of the pacifists that left GPnS due to their overly war based policies, the council recently gave the government the power to conscript people into the army during times of war.

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With the increase in military activity in the Republic of Paris, most of the Haven Air force would move to the bases in the equatorial guinea province and Defcon levels would be raised to 3. The rest would station along the coast of Haven. Planes would be on stand by to launch at any time. While not planning on aiding the the Republic of Paris, they would keep Haven Skies clear of any aircraft that might wander into Haven territory. Warnings would be issued, and if permission was not obtained to fly freely, they would be shot down.

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Operation Ragnarok was well under way. With lots of manpower available to Haven clearing area and starting the build of military structures was going fairly smoothly. Construction was well underway for most of the military bases in the Major cities of haven. Along with the training of troops in guerilla tactics and the setting up of traps and bunkers throughout the Congo.

The largest military base, serving as the military HQ and joint AU Base, was still a ways from completion, but enough was finished to where the grandness of it was coming into full view. It took up a large portion of the City-province, with the main building on the island Ile Mbamou and the complex itself taking up the whole island, as well as areas north of the island into the congo territory to be used as barracks and training ground. The entire complex is planned to be at around 200 mi^2 hosting a large portion of the Haven military. The second largest complex, and by far the most important, was an underground complex used for the development and research of weapons and other important things, located near none other than Haven's second largest city, Mbuji-Mayi. It would also be the HQ of the Ministry of Science. The exact location of the Ministry of Science would be kept a secret and it's entrances would be hidden in the congo.

Alexander and the Grand General flew in a helicopter around the complex in Kinshasa. They both wore their own versions of the Royal Guards armor signifying their ranks to any who observed them. They spoke to each other through the COM's in their helmets.

"It is rather large." Actious spoke to Alexander.

"It is the main Head Quarters of our nation's military Styvyn. Not quite as cool as the grand castle my uncle build in Raochin, but perhaps a bit more practical. I still will have my castle, no Zephyr clan member is complete without a castle and an elaborate network of underground tunnels and secret passages."

"Yes, well I wish we didn't have to burden the people as much as we are with all these expenditures. In Raochin your Uncle had oil to fuel his dreams."

"We may have something similar here. If times weren't so turbulent I might have acted on this sooner, but Syphyx informs me there are a number of companies independent of the crown that mine valuable resources in the Congo. If I were to acquire these companies and integrate them into a new imperial corporation we could have the means to fund these things as we did in Raochin."

"You should meet with her immediately then."

"As soon as I have the time too I intend on it."

The helicopter flew a few more times around the city and eventually settled in one of the temporary military bases set up around the city.

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With his last conversation with the Grand General in mind, finding his Minister of Interior was actually quite a task for the King of the country. While he searched he kept thinking of how he had gotten himself such a peculiar person to be the minister of a very important Ministry. It started while he was traveling the world after his Aunt died, nearly ten years ago for him. He traveled with Merlin and a group of Royal Guard captains that had survived Raochin to get to him. One of his trips brought him to the recently defunct nation of the Temple Lands. A lot of mystery had surrounded the place, making it a place of interest once it opened up, and he wanted to have a talk with one Matthew Kaine who he suspected was at the head of the nation.

When he arrived at Thunder Bay, whether by fate or chance he met another young man, not much older than him, carrying what appeared to be a young woman on his back out of the city. He seemed hurt, and the girl unconscious. Well by the kindness of his heart he couldn't let a sight like that just pass so he ordered Merlin to pull over and offer them a ride. That would be the start of a journey that would nearly kill all of them, but would benefit them all more than Alexander had ever thought. It ended in him befriending Allyn and Syphyx, the very same young man and woman he saw on the side of the road, and the start of his return to his home in the Kergueluns. And it was Allyn that would make his return to power as a King possible.

Syphyx on the other hand was more of a wild card. He needed to bring her along to have Allyn as an ally, and at the time it didn't seem like a problem. Syphyx was very much like her father in that she was secretive, egotistic, and above all wholly one hundred percent insane. He didn't want to appoint her to any position of power, much less the Minister of the Interior, but there wasn't any better candidate at the time. She was too dangerous to fire, and there is no way Allyn would go along with it.

Syphyx was a scientific anomaly. She was created by Matthew by some horrendous process that he couldn't begin to understand as his last real experiment into how to become immortal. Because of it she can change her form into whatever she wants, and as long as she remained stable she was effectively immortal. Matthew had obtained what he wanted, but he couldn't contain it... her. And that effectively cost him his nation. Now she was his problem.

He finally came to her office, somewhere near the middle of the labyrinth she calls an office, and opened the door. He didn't see anyone in the room, but that meant nothing. He took a few steps into the room and looked around.

"Syphyx you knew I was coming, now stop hiding so we can talk."

"Boo." she had materialized behind him somehow, her razor sharp claws lightly touching his throat just ever so slightly. It cause him to take a tense breath and slowly reach his hand up to move her arms away from his neck. She pulled back and started laughing maniacally, he turned to face her but she had disappeared again, only to reappear behind her desk.

"Yes Alexander I did know you were coming, I was the one who summoned you through the Grand General don't you remember? I just couldn't pass up an opportunity to scare the crap out of you."

"Yes well next time I'll be sure to bring Merlin along so he can do the same to you."

She tilted her head to the side and simply said, "We'll see." with a little giggle at the end.

Alexander suddenly had the terrible thought that Merlin might actually loose to this girl in a fight and had to shake his head to rid himself of it. "Anyway as you already know I came here to discuss our options for forming a national corporation over the goods of our nation. What are our options for integration here?"

"Well if you had ever done any research into the congo you would know that its mining industry is rather large. In fact that was almost its entire industry before we came in and shifted to production. As it stands if we took over the entire mining industry we can to make billions a year. We already own most of the stock in the production industry, so we might as well incorporate that too. We also may want to develop hydroelectric plants in the Congo. We have enough potential to power the entire country and then export some to the other AUP nations. I would suggest taking the mining industry for ourselves, own the production industry, and fund the electricity industry."

"Very well, I'll let you organize it, what are you going to do about the industries already in place?"

"Well it would certainly help our corporation if the crown bought them, but I have ways of integrating them if we don't have the coffers."

"Well just don't make those way's too ugly for us now. If a company wants to cooperate integrate them... If not..."

"Good. Very good. Now I do believe it's time for you to leave."

"If I can find my way out of here that is. Good day to you Syphyx."

"To you as well King Alexander."

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King Alexander had learned quite a lot about his nation in the initial months of its creation. It was very different from his uncle's nation, and even more different from the one he had come from, even though the latter was closer to Haven than Raochin was. One of those things was rivers were the highways of the nation. Combined with the dense forest it made for the nations greatest natural defense. His Grand General had made sure to take advantage of that. Now he was looking to capitalize on another thing those rivers gave him.

This time he did not have to travel into Syphyx's lair. In fact he didn't have to deal with Syphyx at all on this issue, a fact he was glad for. Efrain Rivera was once the CEO of the largest native Congo mining industry. Now he was the CEO of all of Haven's industry. And he was quickly becoming friends with the King.

"Efrain, thank you for coming."

"Well you are the King, its not like I can refuse an invitation for an audience with you."

"Ah but I thank you all the same. I wanted to talk to you about the Energy industry. The Ministry of the Interior mentioned in her report that our rivers had vast hydroelectric potential. Enough in fact, to power most of Africa if capitalized on. How reasonable do you think it would be for the H.E.C. set up a system capable of doing that."

"Hmm, it would be well within our capabilities. I wouldn't want to stake all our energy claims in hydroelectric energy though. I would also need to collaborate with the Ministry of Science a bit to develop a high enough efficiency generators and determine the best place to put them."

"I'll talk with Allyn then, if we ever get him down from space that is."


A few days later.

After many weeks having passed since Allyn had requested to go visit the Lunar Republic for a trip to space Alexander finally got a chance to contact Allyn. He had to take a trip to the half built underground laboratory that served as the headquarters for the Ministry of Science. Once there he found a relatively senior member of the staff there to escort him to a place where he could connect to Allyn while he was in space. The Ministry HQ looked a lot friendlier than Matthew's labs had ever been, though based of of them. Most of the staff lived in the facility, fully dedicating themselves to SCIENCE! He also noticed a lot more mechanical and robotic aspects than what he had seen in Matthews labs. Allyn could never match Matthew's efficiency, but he made up for it everywhere he could.

"Allyn, finally. How is space!"

"Wonderful. I'm considering just living up here."

"Hah, I'm afraid I couldn't let you do that. You're needed down here."

"Yes I suppose you wouldn't call me just to check up, what is it you needed?"

"I need to know how possible it would be for you to develop efficient hydroelectric plants for the energy grid."

"Hmm, well why you would want to power anything with anything besides Fusion is beyond me, but I suppose we could if asked. Hmm I suppose it would be good to have a balance of different power sources. I know Vladimir was working on more efficient solar cells. A few of those on the tops of buildings and in open fields. Combined with the energy from hydroelectric plants could easily power whole cities. Hmm I'm not sure on how much potential we have for hydroelectric, but I'm sure its a lot... Sorry, to answer your question yes we can. Since you're on the ground you could just ask for my underlings to organize it. My suggestion is to power government facilities with fusion and have everything else be powered by alternative energy. Fusion is just more reliable than the others."

"Right, some of your underlings are already scurrying behind me. When will you be coming back."

"Some time soon, with the Lunar Republic joining the AUP there's no need for me to be up here negotiating a treaty with them anymore. I can't wait until we build our own launch loops. I'll be able to make these trips regularly. You should bring Zhennyfyr up here some time, it's beautiful."

"Hmm, I'll consider it friend. Until next time."

"Indeed, goodbye."

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Alexander wondered why he was once again making the trek into the depths of the Ministry of the Interior. He wondered how the hell Syphyx could build such a marvel so quickly. And he wondered exactly what the hell she was really doing down here.

Taking a lesson from the last time he came down, behind him loomed a fully armored Merlin. Syphyx watched them wander her halls and chuckled. She really shouldn’t be so hard on Alexander. It was hard to help it though. Part of her personality is making people uncomfortable and paranoid. Sometimes she wouldn’t even do anything; she just was a very unnerving person.

Syphyx had recently requested funding. A lot of funding, and Alexander suspected she had ulterior motives she wasn’t telling him about. He rounded a corner, but Merlin put a hand on his shoulder.

“We’re moving in circles Alexander. She has set up a system similar to her father’s laboratories. She can keep us wandering here for days if she wanted. I theorize if we just wait she’ll open up a path to her office, otherwise I could start breaking walls.”

“Acknowledged.” Alexander sighed and took a seat on the floor. Merlin stood behind him and they waited.

Syphyx frowned at their sudden stop. She suspected Merlin had found her out and sighed. It was only a matter of time. She told the computer to open a path to her office and let them in.

The hallway’s around Merlin and Alexander shifted, a path opened up directly in front of them leading to a door at the end of it. “About time.” Alexander muttered. He didn’t much like being toyed with, especially since he was technically her superior. “I should just fire her and have this place destroyed.”

“You know you couldn’t do that, she probably wouldn’t like being fired and then blown up. And you’ve seen firsthand what she can do, you know even if we launched a nuke from a rail gun at her she wouldn’t die. It would only make her angry. Matthew did some crazy things, but making her was one of the craziest.” Merlin said.

“Right.” Alexander sighed in response.

They entered Syphyx’s office, it looked oddly plain for such an eccentric person. The walls were made of wood and several paintings depicting scenes of apocalypse and one of Matthew hung on them. There were two plants on either side of the door sitting on dark blue carpet. Her desk was made of mahogany and had several intricate designs on the legs resembling angels and demons. On top of it were several indications of highly advanced technologies, a holopad for the avatar of an AI to use, hard light screens projectors currently turned off, and an odd looking screwdriver. Behind her desk taking up the entire wall behind it was a giant bookshelf filled with books of various size and subject. Also behind her desk was a giant chair.

Once again she was nowhere to be found in the office. That wasn’t to say she wasn’t in it. Merlin scanned the room with several sensors, detecting nothing. Alexander looked tense, ready for an attack. Syphyx decided she would pick on Merlin first. Routing a personal com to Merlins helmet she broadcasted her voice.

“So, Alexander sends the big bad Merlin after little old me?”

He told Alexander of her communication. Alexander growled and yelled at the room, “Damn it Syphyx, come out and talk to me! I’m the King of the nation that is giving you the funds to do all this !@#$! And I am asking to talk to you, a lowly minister, about what the hell you’re planning on spending the trillion or so dollars you’re asking for!”

This time she broadcast to both of them. First a fairly maniacal laugh, then “Alexander my dear king, I’m sorry to inconvenience you. Allow me a moment to compose myself. Then we can talk.”

She had been in the area above her office in the giant chamber that composed of the outside of her labyrinth. She fazed herself through the roof and appeared upside down behind Merlin. She gently place her fingers around Merlin’s neck as they sharpened into claws that could cut through his armor with a flick of the wrist.

Merlin merely sighed and said, “Syphyx, I would be happy if you didn’t threaten to cut my head off. It takes a while to put it back on.”

Syphyx pouted, “Merlin you’re no fun, little Alex would have at least broken a sweat.”

“Yes well Alex’s life would actually be in danger, whereas mine is slightly less.”

Syphyx disconnected the rest of herself from the ceiling, sprouting several tentacle arms to keep herself from falling to the ground. She retracted them and walked behind her desk and sat down. “Now Alex, you wanted to talk to me about the funding I requested?”

Alexander wasn’t in the mood for being polite, so he came off sounding quite aggravated. “You’ve requested a few hundred billion shillings for the creation of five sub departments. Might I mention that you request it on top of the funding we’re giving you now? What are you really going to use them for?”

“A portion of it, a rather large portion of it, will be going to the activities done by those sub ministries. Another large sum will be going to the continuing activities of my own ministry. And I might add that I wasn’t requesting it all at once. The funding is a ten year plan… However you are correct, another part of it will be going to some endeavors of mine. I suppose it’s only right to tell you seeing as I will be keeping them here.”

“Keeping what here Syphyx?”

She paused, her usual look of mania fading to a more serious and sincere one. “Have you ever wondered what Matthew did with the funding he got from your uncle and Abraham?”

“As the Minister of intelligence in Raochin the funding would go to intelligence gathering of other nations and of the populace. I’ll admit some of the activities of that Ministry were… promiscuous, but it was for the better of the country. As for what he got from Abraham we’ve implemented a number of his innovations from him into our military and ministries.”

Still in her more serious mood, a smirk cross her face, “Hah, you were never told what he really did were you? Merlin I’m surprised that was a major part of his uncle’s legacy. How is it that he was never taught what my father really did?”

“I… didn’t think it was a necessary part of his education, neither did his Aunt. “ Merlin visibly shrugged.

“Alright, I knew he did his own experiments, it’s what those labs were for. What are you saying he kept in there?”

“Well most of it is classified, I’ll need clearance from the other Level five access individuals to tell you about all of them, but there are several I have jurisdiction over… Specifically the things my father created through his experiments.” She activated her computer and located a set of files. She transferred them to a flash drive that was procured out of her desk. “These are the files on his experiments for immortality… specifically the files on me. I suggest you have Allyn with you while you read them. He knows more about it almost than I do thanks to what happened to him… He also might tell you what happened to him in there, but I’ll leave that up to him. I’ll have you note before I give you this, that all of these files are READ ONCE ONLY. They will expire twenty four hours after opening them or after closing them for the first time. Any attempt to copy them will be noted and you may be contacted by the organization about your motives for copying the information and the sensitive materials you tried to copy etc etc. You can’t take a picture of the screen either. It’s specially coded to not appear on cameras. The drive will melt after forty eight hours of activation. If you have any questions you can contact me.”

Alexander took the flash drive. “I’m not going to like what I see on here am I?”

“Probably not, but somebody has to be the host for Matthews stock of these things. I inherited them, so it will probably end up having to be you. Now I think it’s time you leave.”

Alexander nodded, “I’ll be right out, as long as you don’t make me go through a maze again.”

“I won’t, now leave.”

“Yes ma’am.” Alexander turned and left the room.

Merlin followed him, but before he exited he looked back at Syphyx, “You should see Allyn sometime yourself. We don’t want you getting unstable.” nodding at the tentacle wiggling out of her shoulder.

Syphyx growled at it and slapped it back into her shoulder. “Noted Merlin, now please, leave.”

He left. The door slammed shut behind him.

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“Ah yes Alexander, Syphyx told me to expect you. Come in. Let’s have a look at those files shall we.” It was a statement, not a question. Alexander sighed, handed over the flash drive Syphyx had given him to Allyn, and sat down. He thought briefly of his Zhennyfyr, cooped up in his home, going months in between seeing each other… His contemplation was brought short as Allyn initiated conversation.

“How have you been Alex? You seem distraught. You haven’t even watched the videos yet.”

Alexander chuckled, “Just thinking. My uncle seemed to have so much control over his nation. With the exception of Haarahld, everyone listened to him, and did what he asked. He was even friends with Matthew.”

“Bah, you give him too much credit. You weren’t even born when he founded Raochin, let alone Novous before that. Trust me. He had his hands full with his own problems. Haarahld was a thorn in his side compared to the intrigue between him and Matthew. Matthew always had his own goals in mind, and it was a constant chess game between them. You’re lucky enough to have a loyal, if not somewhat reluctant Grand General and you’re friends with your Minister of Science. So there’s one wild card in your government. She’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

“Says the guy dating her.”

“You would think he knows best about the subject sire.” Allyn took a sarcastic bow. “Anyway I know exactly what she and the other level five’s want to bring into the country and I can offer you no assurance that your worries are not unfounded.”

“Oh boy. Thanks for the encouragement.”

“Not a problem. Are you ready?”

“As I’ll ever be.”

Allyn plugged in the flash drive and opened up the first file. It was a text file titled “Subject 254”.
Data Entry: Matthew Subject 254

Class: [Redacted]

Description: Subject 254 is another result of now Level Five Mathew Kaine’s experiments. It is the final product of a line of tests involving what Matthew has referred to as “Dark Science”. Matthew would not tell us the process of how he made it, or even what the materials he made it from were. The other Level Five’s determined it was best that Matthew keep his secrets.

Subject 254 generally takes the appearance of a teenaged girl, though it seems to age this appearance as she grows older herself (As of [DATA EXPUNGED] she has halted the aging of her usual appearance at the age of twenty four). We say generally because it can shape shift its appearance to whatever it desires. There doesn’t appear to be a limitation on the forms it can take. When asked to turn into several impossible figures it did so with the result being the loss of five personnel. (See Experiment 254-A)

While usually posing no threat to society and originally deemed “safe” by lab personnel (Note: Matthew laughed when they determined this rating. When asked if he has any reason they should reevaluate their assessment he simply said “Not for any reason you need to know.”). Though having great potential for being a threat, when evaluated it was approximately only five years old. It was extremely attached to Matthew, viewing him as her father figure. It was determined that it should stay with him at all times.

Matthew found no way of transferring its immortality to himself, and eventually abandoned the experiment all together. Moving on to other projects (See: Matthew Kaine: Immortality projects). This included 254. On [Redacted] she escaped facility M-03, causing incident 254-1(see attached files). The incident caused several breaches of containment of subjects held at the facility at the time, nearly resulting in the loss of the entire city of [Redacted].

Because of unknown reasons, subject 254 began to destabilize. Though technically immortal after incident 254-1 it was determined that it is still unstable. Matthew refused to tell the Organization what this means, however after the incident we can make several assumptions. When in entering her unstable state she begins to lose control of her shape shifting powers. Signs that she is close to instability are: Tentacles appearing on her person. Screaming and twitching. Killing multiple staff members without permission, and eventually trying to break containment.

It was assumed during this time she came into contact with Allyn Hutzell(Pre incident 254-2), as well as several rebel groups in the nation of [Redacted]. With his help she managed to return to her “normal” state and regain control over herself. It was also during this time that the nation of [Redacted] invaded [Redacted]. Allyn and 254 helped the local rebels contact the invading forces to eventually liberate the country from Matthew (See [File missing]). While on the run, Allyn and 254 met Alexander Zephyr and Merlin Athrawes (See Zephyr). They returned to Facility M-02 where incident 254-2 began.

254 is now in charge of the Subjects that Matthew created and has been granted Level Five status. She currently resides in the nation of [Redacted] as the Minister of the Interior.

“Well that was interesting. I see this organization has a file on me.” Zephyr commented.

“Not specifically you. You’re entire family legacy is of note enough to the Organization to have quite the large folder on their database. I can pull it up for you if you wish.”

“Another time. I know a few things they talked about. Incident 254-1 was the day she caused that mess in Thunder bay correct.”

“Yes. You’re wondering why I’m referenced to as 254-2 I suppose?”

“That was one thing. Syphyx mentioned something happened to you in Matthew’s labs after we got separated.”

“Yes. While she was having her incident and you and Merlin were trying to stop her from destroying everything, I was stuck in the labs. Luckily the only people I found were Matthew’s scientists. They were interesting creatures. Not really people, though they could still breed like humans they took no pleasure from it like normal humans do. They were essentially walking brains. Biological computers and human AI’s. I stumbled into where they communed and my life was changed forever.”

Alexander stared intently as he listened. “They were curious, it was rare to see an outsider, especially in the labs as I understood, even more so alive. They decided to do experiments on me. I resisted at first but one of them sedated me. I was still conscious, but I couldn’t move. I had no idea what they would do to me. Ah I can imagine their conversation’s now. ‘What should we do with him?’ ‘Test this, remove something here, add something there.’ Luckily for me they decided on ‘Let’s improve him to Hive standards.’”

Alexander raised an eyebrow. “Hive?”

“Matthew often referred to his giant underground cities as Hive’s. They often worked like them. Every member had a certain task or job to do. It was brilliant, if not unethical I suppose. Every person built for the task they did. Gene’s specifically picked to be good at something. Whether it be thinking, building, birthing… so efficient.” Allyn smiled and looked at the ceiling while he thought about the beauty of the situation. “Ah but that’s not part of this story, and you get the idea. So they improved me and hooked me up to the Hive network. So much information, so fast, it was overwhelming. I learned just about everything a person could want to know about this world and other things that still boggle my mind today. They might have even done too much of a good job because I learned about a lot of Matthew’s secrets too. I guess they didn’t expect me to leave. And trust me I didn’t want too. Fortunately about that time Syphyx came crashing into the laboratory and I put my newfound knowledge to use in stopping her. And thus ended incident 254-2.”
“So you know everything now? How is it I can still understand you. Shouldn’t you be speaking in some tongue much too advanced and efficient for my brain to handle?”

“Yes, it is a struggle to bring myself down to your level even now. But seriously, my brain unfortunately was not built like theirs was. Even with the improvements they made I couldn’t store all of it. I lost a lot of it after the incident. Something’s I completely forgot. Others I still have glimpses of them. Parts of an idea. Or sometimes just an idea itself. I try to solve many of them with the little information I have left about them, but I can’t get back all of it. It’s maddening to know things and yet not know them. I suppose Matthew and I are similar in that we both have our external goals outside of helping the nation we are sponsored by. I wish to find a way to expand my mind further. To become more like those scientists and to finally fill in those lost gaps. I know if given the time they could have helped me achieve this, but alas I cannot use them. “

“That’s quite the story Allyn.”

“Yes well I’m surprised nobodies asked how a simple farmhand became the head of science of a major nation, but I suppose nobody looks too deep into things these days anyway.”

“So there are other files on that thing?”

Allyn scrambled in his chair for a bit as he had taken a more relaxed position while he was story telling. “Yes, there were several experiments that were recorded by Matthew, also it appears she gave you some of his notes. “ He loaded them up.

[quote]Experiment Log: 254
A: The first test will involve testing the properties of the new dark matter we’ve created. We can already tell it’s much different than what we imagined it would be like. It seems to hold a life of its own. To think there’s an entire dimension made of this. We will begin by introducing an electric charge to it.
The video showed a large glass tube partially filled with black goop. An arc of electricity moved onto the goop. Somebody off screen said to shut the power off now. Several buttons were heard to be pressed while the camera remained focused on the container. The person off screen said again, this time more annoyed, “I said turn the power off.” A female voice spoke. “We have.”

“Then why is it still absorbing energy?”

“It seems to be forcing the power through the conduits.”

At this point the matter started levitating in the chamber, the white arcs of lightning turning black.

“Completely disconnect the power from the chamber Anya.”

Two large cables came off the chamber and the energy stopped flowing into the chamber. The female voice spoke again. “Sir our sensors are detecting large amounts of energy being expelled from the chamber. It seems to be forming a singularity.” Large cracks began to form on the glass chamber as it began to compact in.

“Son of a !@#$%*. Will it be self sustaining?”

“Not unless it starts gaining mass fast sir.” She paused for a moment. “Sir detecting large energy spike, I recommend we evacuate personnel immediately.”

“Right then everyone out immediately.”

The Chamber was evacuated, and the glass shattered and disappeared into the singularity. The sphere appeared to be getting smaller as the camera began to shake. Then it exploded and the video feed ended.

[quote] A: We got some interesting data from Experiment A. It appears to act as a portal to the dimension it inhabits. The energy we were feeding it was giving us back what I am going to call dark energy. Its signatures match those of the previous samples of dark energy. The singularity also appeared to act as a portal, as the energy that was put into it should have leveled the entire floor. Anya estimated that the other side got the bulk of the explosion, which is good for me I suppose. At least for now. I don’t know what’s on the other side, and it may be pissed that I just leveled an entire city or something.

I will continue to discover the properties of the matter in further experiments.
Allyn scrolled down, passing the next few experiments. “Nothing else that interesting happens until Experiment G. “

[quote] G: After an accident where the dark matter came into contact with some of the personnel handling it we are now testing it with other regular matter. Whatever it is the matter seems to have intelligence of its own. So we shall see if we can give it a form. This experiment involves introducing the matter to the components of a human body.

Also I should note that due to its tendency to explode whenever we do anything with it we’ve moved testing to a larger facility, giving a radius of at least a hundred meters from the chamber to the nearest personnel.
The next video showed two chambers, a larger one surrounding a similar chamber to the first. In the larger one there was a pan filled with elements and water. The inner chamber held a similar amount of the dark matter as Experiment A. The inner chamber lifted up, letting the matter fall out. It moved towards the pan and engulfed the materials inside.

Nothing appeared to happen for several seconds. The matter sat still in the container. Then it started to move. Tendrils tried to make its way upward. A blob started to form in the middle and it moved up. What looked like a head and arms of a child with a large head started to form. It was all black and looked like it was melting. It hunched over and glowing yellow patches appeared on the head, along with an indentation below them.

It started to make sounds as the yellow patches solidified into glowing yellow eyes and the indentation into a mouth. Low gurgles at first, then growling, and finally to a screech that caused the camera to vibrate. The creature tried to move, but it ended up convulsing in twitches in the pan it was created in. This continued for three minutes until finally it exploded ending the video.
[quote] G: I don’t know what the hell that thing was we created, but it seems that we got the bulk of the explosion that time. Fortunately we reinforced the chamber and no damage was done to the rest of the facility. I should note that it exploded with the force of a fifty kiloton nuclear bomb. My scientists are telling me to stop experimentation, but I have one more Idea I’d like to try before I give up on this route.
Alexander shook his head. “This is ridiculous. We don’t have that kind of science.”

“We may not, but Matthew was years ahead of most people on the planet. He even had stuff that the Lunar Republic doesn’t have. This included hopefully. There’s one more video and set of notes. This is the one where he created Syphyx.”

“… Alright, let’s get this over with.”

[quote] H: We tested it with non-living components, the final test, barring success, will be with a living component. I have requested the scientists use some of my sperm to make a child. She will be introduced to the Matter and… well we’ll see what happens.
Alexander cut in before the video started. “He used one of his own !@#$@#$ kids?”

“Your children would be subjected to Royal Guard training.”

“That’s different, he’s condemning her to the fates. He doesn’t know what might happen.”

“That’s… just how he was. He had a number of children, though all of them were just introduced to the Hive. He had little sympathy for anyone. Now, back to the video.”

The video showed a similar test chamber, though this one appeared smaller. In it were the dark matter and the child. When exposed to each other the dark matter circled around the child, appearing to investigate it. It touched the child’s hand and started engulfing it. The child started crying as it covered its body and eventually its head. It was different from the last test. Instead of assuming a vague blob shape it kept the exact shape of the child, giving it the appearance of a black sheen.

It had stopped crying, and eventually moving at all. After a long period of time that the video fast forwarded through a pair of men entered the chamber to retrieve the child for examination. When approached the child moved its head towards the men, rolled off of its back, and tried to stand up. The two men looked at each other and slowly approached the child. Before they could get to it two large black tentacles sprouted from the child’s back and decapitated the men.

A few moments later Matthew himself entered the chamber. Instead of attacking him however the child crawled to his leg and tried to climb up it. With a half shocked look on his face he picked up the child and held it in his arms. Its appearance faded from black to the way it looked before the experiment. There was an audible “Curious.” That came from Matthew and he turned to walk out of the room.
[quote] H: The experiment was a success. The dark matter appears to have bonded with the child, becoming a part of it. I’m not sure what that means yet, but I suppose I’m stuck with it. I won’t stand anyone else, and I don’t feel like going through all my personnel looking for someone else she can stand. We will continue experimentation at a later date.
Allyn exited the file and turned to Alexander. “Well there you have it. That is how Syphyx came to be. His next few experiments were on syphyx, figuring out exactly what merging with the dark matter gave her. Then he tried to replicate it in others. He failed of course. Syphyx remains one of a kind.”

“So I don’t understand what this has to do with what Syphyx wants to bring into the country.”

“There are other files in here that explain that but let me give you the short and sweet version. The Foundation Syphyx works for keeps dangerous and obscure items out of the general populace. Anything that might be considered an oddity they have, or at least they know of. Matthew became aware of them after they tried to infiltrate his Hive. He was a new player, creating things that they didn’t want to get out. It took them quite a while to find him mind you. He cut a deal with them and they put him in charge of whatever he created and a few things he thought he could hold better than other facilities. Now Syphyx is in charge of them. She tried to keep them at Matthew’s older Hives, but the other high level players in the Foundation told her she had to be present at the facility she kept the Keter’s at.”


“The most dangerous ones.”


“You don’t even know the half of it.”

“So wait, all that funding she requested was for this? Should this “Foundation” be funding this?”

“They are funding the bulk of it. Most of the funding she’s requested was for exactly what she said it was for. The sub-ministries. A very small amount of that is going into the containment facility being built here. I hope it doesn’t deter you from seeing her again, but it’s located in here labyrinth.”

“Well at least it’s not anywhere near a population center.”

“That was one of the points Alex.”

“Alright I think I have a better understanding of the situation. I’m going to confer with Merlin and Zhen about this.”

“Before you go Alex let me just say, she’s not as evil as she seems. She really does have the nation’s well-being in mind. She may play tricks on you to try to scare you, but that’s just her nature. She can be really sweet when it comes down to it. Try not to let her get to you alright?”

“… says the guy who’s dating her.” Both of their expressions lightened as they shared a laugh. “I will try to see her in a more similar light to yours Allyn. Until we meet again my friend.” They shook hands and Alexander left with more on his mind than he bargained for.

OOC: This is all pretty non-canonish stuff. But hey, if we can have furries and dragons in CNRP then damn it I'm going to have SCP's.

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  • 3 months later...

Grand General Styvyn sat behind his desk in the military headquarters of Haven, located near it's capital city. He reviewed the current status of the military in a report sent to him by one of his underlings given to him by a general.

"Here's the report you asked for sir.

Most of Haven's current aircraft have been converted to the AUP standards, with exception of the newest addition the Cormorant bomber.
[quote]Current active aircraft:
40 squadrons of Grey Widow Air superiority aircraft
30 squadrons of Brown widow multi purpose aircraft
10 squadrons of Dark Angel stealth bomber's

The navy as it stands consists of
[quote][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]15 Victory class Corvettes[/size][/font][/color]
[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]5 Truth class Landing ships[/size][/font][/color]
[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]5 Apocalypse class Battleships[/size][/font][/color]
[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]5 Ascendant class Cruiser's[/size][/font][/color]
[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]12 Infinity Class Frigates[/size][/font][/color]
[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]12 Zealot class Destroyers[/size][/font][/color]
[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]8 Silence class submarines[/size][/font][/color]
[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]4 Obsidian class[/size][/font][/color]
[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]4 Paragon class Carriers[/size][/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3][/quote][/size][/font][/color]

The army is divided into ten corps totaling:
[quote]356,760 Troops
3567 Armor[/quote]
with troop and armor distribution roughly equal amongst each corp. A special note here. An unknown amount of soldiers have pledged allegiance to the rebel faction in the east. it's speculated that some soldiers may have used retirement to defect to this faction over a long period of time. We cannot count on these troops to come to our aid in during a conflict. For now they are considered neutral.

1st, 2nd, 5th, and 8th corps are currently in the capital and west districts. 3rd corp is in the south eastern district keeping tabs on the rebels. 4th corp is located in south district and the AUP protectorate south of Haven. 6th and 7th corps are divided amongst the various AUP bases across africa. 9th and 10th corps are in the north, and north eastern districts of Haven respectively with a few divisions in central district.

Our current DEFCON level is 3.

We have minimal Air defenses, as per your orders we are currently requesting the STARS and mobile defense vehicles from Aeon. Currently our defensive capacity has been evaluated to be good enough against lower technology air planes. Most simulations against high tech fighters and bombers rely on our aircraft to do the most damage. And against superior numbers eventually fail.

The Shield missile defense grid is fully operational. Both the ground elements and space elements are showing all green. Simulations show odds against ICBM strikes are optimal.

In addition the Ministry of Intelligence is now fully operational. I couldn't get very many details on it sir, which I suppose is good given what it is."

"Thank you for the report general."

"Yes sir."

Zephyr would immediately put in orders for several squadrons of Cormorants as well as integrating the STARS and mobile defense platforms into the Haven air defense grid.

Edited by Lord Zephyr
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