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VODKA has recently declared sovereignty over all of Planet Bob, and we are currently recruiting members to join our active militia. By joining the war, you will immediately receive $3 million and 2,000 soldiers in war aid, as well as full VODKA membership. You will experience the thrill of battle firsthand, a rite of passage that usually takes months for a new player to achieve in another alliance. VODKA's complete military guides and seasoned warriors will teach you all you need to know about warfare and battle tactics, while providing you the funding to become a true military superpower.

Through a sea of spam messages, you have likely already learned that most alliances wish only to collect taxes and argue on these forums. This is not the will of VODKA. The nations of VODKA are currently engaged in an exciting war with the Mostly Harmless Alliance, and you may join in the battle today. The only requirement to receive war aid and full membership is to declare war on and attack one member of this cowardly alliance.

Other alliances will force you to jump through hoops, but VODKA will never require you to sell your technology, register for forums, or take tests. Attack any MHA nation for $3million, 2,000 soldiers, and full membership - period. If you are unsure of how to do this, a quick guide has been created for new players, which can be found [url=http://cnvodka.com/forums/index.php?topic=319.0]HERE[/url]. The official VODKA website also includes a selection of extensive war, military, and nation building guides that will propel you to excellence on the battlefield.

Please visit www.cnvodka.com or #VODKA on Coldfront for more information. Embrace your warrior spirit and join the VODKA militia today!

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