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[size="5"][color="#FF0000"][i][font="Impact"] Take off to the boundless realm of Airship transportation & see the world in a new way![/font][/i][/color][/size][/center]

[left][color="#000000"][b]Our new & improved Long Endurance Skyliner (LEAF) nearly each AirShip Blimp is manufactured to float at reaches of 20,000 feet for up to three weeks at a time. While various classes of AirShip are available & capabilities vary, all are equipped with gas bladders. As the AirShip ascends or descends, the internal bladders expand or contract to compensate for density changes and to maintain uniform pressure in the envelope. Piloted by by highly qualified specialists, Atmos-Fleet is a leader in safe & secure operating.

235 feet in length and 65 feet in diameter and it is covered with a para-aramid synthetic fiber that is ten times stronger than steel in material and only one sixteenth of an inch thick. The bio-fuel on which this airship runs is algae. Her name, Gargantua. She has seven bag helium that boosts her speed to 80 mph maximum. She is capable of carrying loads of 2,000 lbs up to 20,000 ft in the air with a travel rate of 35 mph. This inflatable ship, fueled with algae can fly for 7 consecutive days & also take off and land vertically.[/b][/color]


[center][size="5"][color="#FF0000"][i][font="Impact"]Your highway is the wind when travel by blimp. Rise with the flying fleet today! [/font][/i][/color][/size]
A sneak peak at the classes that make up our global airfleet:
Aristo-Class luxury Skyliner

Gaea transnational transport & commercial Skyliner (heavy loads transport)

Leer sightseeing tourist Skyliner

Cloud broadcasting communications, geophysical surveys, weather watch and monitoring of any fractious and hapless events such as oil spills. Information gathered is free to all friendly nations.

Nations, as well as private parties are invited to employ our services year-round.

Come fly with us,
Alazne Elacora
- Atmos-Fleet President [/color]

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