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A Referendum

King Timmy


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The people of the former Lootan Emirate have today been given the chance to decide their own fate.

The polls have been opened and will be run for 24 hours before the votes are totaled and and the appropriate action taken.

They will have the option of becoming Independent, remaining protected solely by the Ibizan Empire, open protection by all nations or to merge with the Ibizan Republic.

Indications are that Independence will be the most likely winner however it cannot be certain.

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The results are in and there is not a clear majority yet, the initial results are:

1) 37% - Complete Independence
2) 28% - Merge with The Ibizan Republic
3) 23% - Remain Protectorate of The Ibizan Republic
4) 12% - Become Open protectorate

As the vote used the Alternative Voting system the option that came fourth in the poll will be removed and the second choices added on. The current standings are as follows:

1) 43% - Complete Independence
2) 31% - Merge with The Ibizan Republic
3) 26% - Remain Protectorate of The Ibizan Republic

Again, the last option shall be removed and the second choices shall be added on along with the third choices that added to it from the round before.

The final standings are as follows:

1) 51% - Merge with The Ibizan Republic
2) 49% - Complete Independence

It was a very closely run referendum and the people's wishes shall be adhered to. The Ibizan Government had now entered into talks with high standing representatives from for how best to achieve this.

Speculation from news companies in both nations is a new nation combining both current ones with members from each government being elected into the overall government.

More news will follow once an agreement has been reached between the Ibizans and the Africans. Assuming one can be made peacefully of course...

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After several days of talks between the Ibizans and Africans a decision has been made. To fully integrate both nations into one, a new nation shall be formed.

The logistics have been worked out and have been put in place already. An Interim government has been granted power to rule over the African part of the nation until an election can be held. Both the Ibizan government and African government shall remain in place as local governments with an overall government being put in place. It was decided it would be based in Tunis and then Eivissa alternately every eight years. This government shall be formed from senators from both Ibiza and Africa, to be selected by the Supreme Chancellor of each government. The Senate shall be formed of senators and vice senators, one being from Ibiza and one being from Africa. The head of the Senate shall be given the title Archchancellor and it will rotate between the Supreme Chancellors from Ibiza and Africa every four years. The first term of office shall be undertaken by Ibiza.

The name of the new nation took some deliberation. Many names were put forwards and members of both governments have now decided. Henceforth, the combined nations of The Ibizan Republic and the former Lootan Emirate shall be known as:

[b]The United Republic of Akdeniz[/b]

OOC: Thread is now open and stuff.

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