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The Cafe

Padraig Rua

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[b]Dresden Germany,[/b]

A young boy of sixteen years, with blue eyes and blond hair, sat in the corner of a quiet cafe. A cup of tea half consumed lay before him, while in his hand a book of medium size was open for all the world to see. Occasionally he would glance at the front window of the store for a few moments to look at the common people going about their business, hoping to see a familiar face. Each time he would return to his book disappointed. Many minutes had pasted before a familiar sound was heard by the young teenager.

[i]"Otto? OTTO!"[/i] shouted a loud but soft voice. The young teenager turned his head at the sound of his name. Immediately he recognized the source of the voice. A young lady of twenty-four years, with blue eyes and long fair hair, dressed in a white jacket with a black belt, scarf, and dark jeans approached Otto. He stood up and gave her a hug [i]"How are you Anna?"[/i] said Otto in a cheerful tone. [i]"The sun shines high in the sky, and the birds sing in the trees. I could not be better." [/i]replied Anna.

They both sat down in the warm, comforting, light of the sun, which now shun through the window of the cafe. Anna gestured to the waiter at the counter, and requested a coffee with cream. As she waited for its arrival, Anna began to speak........

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"[i]I see you are reading Macbeth. Quite the interesting book, I have read it myself. The idea of supernatural forces controlling the actions of mere mortals intrigue me. Sometimes I become curious how to harness these forces, and command their infinite power.[/i]" said Anna as the waiter placed her cup of coffee on the wooden table. She raised the cup to her lips, taking a small sip. The foam of the coffee created a white mustache below her beautiful noise. She gently removed the foam with a napkin, conveniently placed beside her cup.

Otto nodded in agreement as Anna spoke. He continued to read his copy of Macbeth, still curious why Anna had asked to meet. But as quick as he thought it, Anna answered his question. It was as though she could read his mind, or the expressions of concern marking his face. [i]"Fair is Foul, and Foul is Fair, do you not agree?"[/i] asked Anna. Otto shook his head in agreement, [i]"Well many a foul deed has been delivered on you my dear Otto."[/i] said Anna as she lift the cup once more to her lips.

[i]"What do you mean?"[/i] asked Otto with a look of confusion on his face. [i]"You never knew your mother, or your father?"[/i] asked Anna, [i]"Yes"[/i] replied Otto. [i]"Tell me, have you any knowledge whatsoever of your parents?"[/i] she asked. [i]"Not much. From what I've heard, they were from Prussia, the Prussia of Bohemia."[/i] replied Otto. He closed his book, as he watched Anna rummage through her bag. Otto had not noticed her arriving with a bag, but he must have ignored it. Otto had become interested in the questions asked about his parents. No one had really mentioned them to him before, not even his guardian Frau Schneider.

Anna had found what she was looking for in her bag. She placed before her a dark medal and a old picture. Otto immediately recognized what he was looking at, and his face lit up with amazement.

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