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8BR for new rules


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since the game was change in my veiw getting a good trade circle has been made so much better :)

i am proposing a 8 BR trade circle, with room for an extra resorce for the group to decide

whoever signs up just choose any resorce on the list even if u dont have the resorces right now as you can change it when we have all the members :)

Gold- iwishihadalife
Lumber- iwishihadalife
Free Resorce-

Bonus resorces given- Steel, Microchips, Jewelry, Ashalt, Automobiles, Construction, Radiation Cleanup and Scholars

I think this is a great Trade circle for a nation of any size, and id love for the bigger nations to be involved and if the were the spare resorce would be made as uranium if the nation needs it to be :)

Again as i said jus choose any resorce as u can change ur resorces to suit.

Even if u already have ur trades filled i would still ask that you join this one as it would be great for the alliance itself to grow.

Leave you ruler Name or a link to ur nation and the resorce u want :)
it does not matter what resorces you choose because by the end u will have them all

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