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Jia stood before a podium, several days after the reunification. Below him lay the metropolis of Shenyang.

Tianxia: Our Land. A powerful concept which has touched generations since time began. The history of the Middle Kingdom is a history of one people. There are times when we have been cast asunder, but unlike Babylon, Rome, or others we have forged ourselves back together. Today, marks a most auspicious occasion for the Chinese People, and our Eastern Federation. Today, East Asia is one once more.

We shall forever remember the blood spilled, the treasure spent, and the sacrifice given to reforge Tianxia, now it has been done.

My people, I have spent my life, in the service of a single cause. To protect East Asia from the forces which have destroyed it. Through these years I have learned that these threats do not come just from abroad, but they come from within as well. They come from our failure as a people to forge a land, which truly lives up to the ideals of its ideological leader: Conficious. Be ren. Be humane. Today I call upon our Federation to rededicate itself to this. I call upon us to declare with one voice, that we shall be not just our brothers keeper, but a keeper for all people. We shall shine as a bastion of stability, a force for peace, a beacon of hope for all those in the World who are looking for something better!

Let it be known, that the terrors which have cursed East Asia are OVER! United as one we shall root out and upend extremism. We shall break the bonds of national separatism used to exploit us. We shall grow confident and strong so that when we look out into the rest of the world, we shall not fear them, but rather embrace them.

And... today I announce, that this government shall commit itself to once again assuming the mantle of Pioneers. We shall colonize space, and travel the heavens themselves!


Our nation is finally one once more! May we never fall again![/quote]

[quote]Diplomatic Dispatch from the [i]United[/i] Federation of the East:

All diplomacy from the defunct sovereign nation of Zargathia, is now run out of the office of the Grand Vizier of the United Federation of the East. Regarding Zargathia's standing alliances, we see no reason for them to continue. These were alliances with Rebel Army and the Kingdom of Cochin. The United Federation of the East instead will reaffirm its own pre-existing alliances with these nations.

Secondly, in regards to the White Cross and Axioms of War. These treaties are hereby withdrawn from. Warfare shall be handled by commanders of coalitions we participate in or by our own commanders. The White Cross shall have its role fulfilled by the unified National Health and Emergency Relief Service and operations in coordination with our allies.

Autonomous region interest sections will be opened up at UFE embassies globally for consular services. All former Zargathians will be granted UFE passports. All Visas in former Zargathia should be replaced at earliest time, but shall last 90 days from now to allow for replacement.[/quote]

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