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Territorial Changes


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After putting through proposals in all regions of the RA Protectorate, and in cooperation with the local authorities, Rebel Army hereby integrates the island of Socotra and the island chain, known as the Zanzibar Archipelago, into it's proper territory. These two states, refereed to as Socotra and Zanzibar, respectfully, shall be granted all rights, freedoms, privileges, and representation granted to all other Rebel states.

Socotra, Unguja island, and Pemba island would soon be receiving sizable amounts of construction crews on the islands. Once the crews were established, they would begin the construction of air and sea bases, in order to be able to maintain and house RAF and RN forces. In addition, each island would be reinforced with 10000, 2000, and 2000 soldiers, plus accompanying armor, respectfully.

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PLA Engineering brigades would be rapidly deployed to support the Rebel Army deployment. In addition major upgrades would begin in Oman. The end goal of the project was to construct major strings of bases in Oman, Socotra, and Zanziber to form a substantial operational capability in the West Indian Ocean.

This would be supplemented by Rangoon Naval Station's expansion in the East (though Singapore and the Canal Zone were already quite large).

Secondary bases would be further reinforced in Persia and Qatar.

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