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"HEY! Listen!"

SK Wynter

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"...Is the furry tail really necessary?"

"Shut up, COP! I don't need no reason to question you, COP!"

The officer sighed. He really, [i]really[/i] hated the crazy drunks, even more so than noisy women at traffic stops, or a call interrupting his lunch after missing breakfast. The eighteen-year old in front of him was crazy in his books, what with eyeblack smeared across her eyes like a mask, black nails to match black gloves, a headband with fake raccoon ears and a fluffy tail attached to her backside. [i]Oh wait, that's her belt.[/i] What was this woman, a furry?

"'EY! WATCH THE TAIL! I maaaaaaaade it mehself!" argued the woman. She reeked of booze, and they had found her with a half-guzzled bottle of absinthe in one hand; her blood alcohol levels were off the charts. Worse, she had tried to get into a small car reported as stolen, succeeded, and had crashed that car against a telephone pole. The insurance company for the car's owner was probably going to have a fit.

"Lean against the cruiser and keep your hands behind your back," the officer rattled off. "You have the right to remain silent ▬ "

The cop wsa promptly cut off by being kicked in the ping-pongs by the drunk. She then turned her head with alarming speed, her wickedly green eyes narrowing, even if they were coloured contacts. The drunkard grinned alarmingly, and she still stank of absinthe ▬ hadn't she just nearly peed on him a minute before?

"I love me some acting," was all she said, and then, the cop felt himself swung around and slammed into his own cruiser. Before he could regain his senses, she smashed her head into his nose repeatedly, and he suddenly released her and she drew back. From underneath her shirt, she whipped out something thin and silvery that glinted in the nearby headlights. Instinctively, the cop reached for his piece.

"HEY!" bellowed the officer, pointing his gun. "DROP YOUR ▬ "

He was cut off when the raccoon-inspired woman embedded the knife in his head with a throw. Grinning, she hummed a little diddy to herself, kneeling down and searched the cop. She took his gun, his wallet, his holster and the Tic-Tacs in his pocket, then stood up with a long, low whistle.

"Aw man!" she said to herself. "!@#$% didn't have it! I [i]thought[/i] it would be here!" she gave an irritated sigh, then kicked at the ground. "Oh well. At least he fell for the absinthe trick. Now I know it works!"

And with that, our amoral (or immoral) adventurer ran towards a nearby fence, hopped it, and jogged off into the distance as another car slowed towards the dead ocp. At least she had remembered to take her knife back.


[quote]OOC: This is in no set country, just an English-speaking one; whomever gets here first can say it takes place in theirs.[/quote]

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