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idea for trading -Take A Look!- (pleez)

Konata Izumi

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set 1- 6 ppl w/ infra cost down things + bill reduction things

set 2- 6 ppl with citizen bonus things + income bonus things

[b]Days 1-16:[/b] doesnt really matter what happens here, backcollect

[b]Days 17-18:[/b] 5 of 6 ppl from set 2 setup full trades with all from set 1 except one person (depending on resources) (The 5 people involved in that setup from set 1 will have citizen+income trades at this time, on an inconsequential note). The leftover from set 2, the one who didn't get infra cost down trades yet, will then be traded with after the other 5 get their stuff done(which should take only but a moment or two, it will be understood that you are ready for the trades when you get them). After that, the entire set 1 ppl trade amongst themselves.

five ppl with $ trades get 5 infra trades, one person with $ trades get 5 infra trades after the other five ppl are done, infra ppl trade among themselves for infra after the other one person is done

[b]Days 19-20:[/b] a reversed version of above, five ppl with infra trades get 5 $ trades and collect, one person with infra trades get 5 $ trades after the other five people are done, $ ppl trade among themselves after the other one person is done.

set 1:
Resource list:
- Aluminum
- Coal
- Gold
- Iron
- Lead
- Lumber
- Marble
- Oil
- Pigs
- Rubber
- Uranium
- Water
seven bonuses

set 2:
- Cattle
- Coal
- Fish
- Furs
- Gems
- Gold
- Silver
- Spices
- Sugar
- Water
- Wheat
- Wine
two bonuses

naturally, ppl will need to have two resources stated in one set, not one from each set,

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I'd imagine it's viable, although you'd likely have problems with getting people with said resources, finding people willing to swap, and then having those people actually online to swap. Of course, there'd be unhappy people to deal with, as well, as they would only be benefiting from one Trade Circle, as the other members would be benefiting from two.

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You'd need like 20 people who can be online on the same day to pull this off. It's nice in theory, not so great in practice. And those 20 people would have to have near perfectly suitable trades.

It's normally easiest to build a sturdy ring with income boosters, then swap for infra reduction, only when you're buying infra. Reduction from infra bills is often minimal, so you can usually cut that out for convenience.

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IRON has a trade swapping system they've been using with DAWN's help. You ought to contact Franciscus if you're interested in trying it out, I believe she's making the next cycle over the next couple days. It's not always 100% perfect/reliable, but if you're active enough to participate it's quite beneficial to your nation.

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