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Operation Watchtower

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The Union of the Southern Cross had been watching the Kamborian Succession with baited breath as a trio of belligerents had begun to beat on one another. The archipelago of New Guinea had fallen into crisis, and the government of the Zoadoe Islands had been lost contact with. It was abundantly clear that the government of the Zoadoe Islands had just simply fallen apart under the extreme weight of two insurrection groups fighting it, both being of extremist nature. With the fall of the Zoadoe Islands government, it left the extremist Yaza Hajin movement to consolidate itself, particularly on the islands of New Britain and New Ireland (also known as Latangi Island), which sat astride major shipping lanes leading out of East Coast Australian ports towards points north.

Although both the extremist Kamborians and Yaza Hajin posed significant threats, the Southern Cross was unwillingly to tolerate any extremist movement to hold sway over shipping lanes, and the Kamborians would probably best be mopped up by other members of the Oceanic Union, who would certainly tag along once contact was lost. As it were, to secure New Britain and New Ireland, Task Force 'Lighthorse' was appropriated, built around the aircraft carrier SCS [i]Indefatigable[/i], the task force was well up to the tall order of business ahead of itself. Embarked on the numerous amphibious vessels supporting the convoy, was the 1st and 3rd Battalions of the 69th Infantry Regiment, part of the venerable "Australian Irish" Division. Supporting the battalions of Irishmen, was the entire 2nd Marine Regimental Combat Team. In strategic reserve, temporarily being bivouacked at Townsville, were elements of the 5th Airmobile Division, which could bring airborne and airmobile units to the fight if need be. Numerous air assets had been also attached to support the operation, codenamed 'Watchtower'.

Task Force 'Lighthorse' arrived in the Solomon Sea on schedule, and was already at General Quarters, with all men and women manning their battle stations. The effort to reduce the already consolidated Yaza Hajin stronghold would take on two phases; Operation Slasher, and Operation Overthrow. Slasher would see the task force make a concerted effort, in conjunction with ground forces, to reduce the defenses of, and retake New Britain, particularly the southern coast, western half of the island, and strategically important port of Rabaul. With these objectives complete, Operation Overthrow would then see the Southern Cross forces move on New Ireland, which would usher the fall of the Yaza Hajin in this area. At 0500 Hours, a flight of four B-1S Strategic Bombers from the 101st Strategic Attack Squadron, otherwise known as the "One-oh-Ones", began to position themselves along the Southern Coast of New Britain for their attack runs, these bombers would be escorted by two squadrons of F-23 Air Superiority Stealth Fighters. Phase One of Operation Slasher had begun, as Marines and Soldiers finished their final briefings on board the fleet, aircraft roared overhead.

The re-stabilization of New Guinea and its outlying islands had begun, with full force.



[center][b][size="6"]Official Southern Cross Announcement[/size][/b]


"In response to losing contact with the government of the Zoadoe Islands, the Union of the Southern Cross officially moves to stabilize the situation in all former territories of this nation. We call upon fellow members of the Oceanic Union for support in these measures, to establish an Oceanic Union protectorate of these regions, to allow for continued stability. We expect to face armed opposition from members of both the Kamborian and Yaza Hajin movements; extremist groups who have shown to have committed acts of brutality in the past. We move for the greater good of the Oceanic Region, now is the time to stabilize a nation that has fallen into ruin at the hands of extremism. For these reasons, the Union of the Southern Cross moves to resurrect the [b]INTERNATIONAL PEACEKEEPING FORCE - OCEANIA[/b], to coordinate international aid and Oceanic Union armed efforts to rid New Guinea of extremism for good.


Additionally, the Union of the Southern Cross wishes to seek full sovereignty over the following regions, however;

[*] Kiriwana Island
[*] Muyua Island
[*] Sudest Island
[*] Rossel Island
[*] Misima Island
[*] New Britain (Island)
[*] New Ireland (Island)
[*] New Hanover (Island)
[*] Misima Island

This is to protect vital merchant and strategic shipping lanes in an area that has now shown its extremist nature, in the form of the Yaza Hajin. Too long have we allowed this group to fester in this area without response, we have seen what this group can do in the past, we will never let it happen again. For Oceania!"


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Per Security Council Resolution,

With confirmation that the CRZI has descended into anarchy, the First Carrier Group is hereby authorized to begin immediate counter insurgency operations against the Kamborian Secessionist movement. The use of all sub-WMD munitions is authorized. The 440th Strategic Squadron based out of Preh has been placed at the disposal of Fleet Admiral Vito Canales. Their primary mission shall be the elimination of radar and aerial defenses that fall into Secessionist hands.

The 4th Mechanized Division and 5th Mechanized Division are to be mobilized for deployment to New Guinea. As soon as the 1st Carrier Group has secured air superiority, they along with the 1002nd and the 1003rd Scorpion Medium Gunship Squadrons will be inserted into New Guinea to suppress the Secessionist movement and restore order to the island.


By the order of Fleet Admiral Vito Canales,

Predator C UAVs and F35 Strike Fighters launched from the SS Manila are cleared to begin immediate search and destroy missions. Additional satellite surveillance resources have been allocated to target identification in the area, and will be patched in directly from Manila to the SS Manila and our birds in the air.

Multi-frequency radio broadcasts have begun telling all former-government and Secessionist militants to stand down. We do not know exactly how many former-government loyalists continue to fight, but the numbers are estimated at less than three Brigades against the Secessionists. We do know that significant portions of the former-Zoadoe equipment reserves are now in the hands of the Secessionists and as such, all armored and military vehicles are to be considered hostile targets.

Care will be taken to protect civilian lives, but given the substantiated reports of mass genocide emerging from Secessionist-held territory, suppression of the movement is to be considered our first priority. Humanitarian aid shall come second once we have secured provinces and deem them to be safe.

[b]Encrypted to the Union of the Southern Cross:[/b]

We are open to the USC assuming soverignty of the named islands, however we wonder if you could elaborate on your motivation to do so?

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[b]Encrypted Reply to the Nation of Selenarctos[/b]

"As these islands lie upon a major strategic and economic shipping route leading into the Central and North Pacific Oceans, these islands are important positions to our nation. A large amount of shipping traffic traverses these waters, and we feel that after this experience with the nation of the CRZI falling, these shipping lanes could be closed to traffic quite easily. This is why we are requesting for the observance of our sovereignty of them, once they are secure."

[b]Operation Slasher[/b]

The troops on the deck of the landing platform helicopter SCS [i]Storm[/i] watched quietly as they could hear aircraft roar overhead, the first Southern Cross strike aircraft had arrived from Queensland. Two duos of B-1S Strategic Attack Bombers moved on targets identified by satellite reconnaissance on the coastline, just visible from the ships, flashes could be seen, and dull thuds of ordinance landing on target garnered a cheer from the troops. Two helicopters, both SH-60 Seahawk Medium Utility Helicopters, banked over the deck, making the troops duck slightly as they flew along the line of ships.

Lieutenant Sibyl Descartes sat next to the open doorway of the lead helicopter, watching streaks light up the sky, as Yaza Hajin anti-aircraft weaponry began firing back at the strike aircraft, which appeared to have caught the Yaza Hajin off guard. Her freckled face was blackened by charcoal, and like the other female members of her squad, wore distinctive a tiger-pattern camouflage specifically used for jungle engagements, one her shoulder, a patch with a simple writing quill, with the backdrop of Australia denoted her unit. Her auburn hair was mostly hidden by her helmet, to which was attached a communications microphone, as well as a high-definition video camera. She adjusted her grip on the assault rifle, as the pilots exchanged some whispers, one gasping when there was a sudden flash in the sky over the nearby coastline. When the sudden explosion occurred, the communications headset built into her helmet began flooding with a flurry of activity.

"Stable 1-1, this is Slammer 2-3, we are hit, I repeat, missile hit to starboard engines," came a panicky voice through the line.

"We copy your traffic, two-three," came the reply from Stable 1-1, which was the callsign for Admiral Wellesley Pound, who was onboard the task forces' flagship, the carrier [i]Indefatigable[/i]. "Can you make it out of there?"

"We got a major fire to starboard, sir," replied the pilot, his voice, Sibyl noted, was getting increasingly full of fear. There was a pause, before he said again, "One-one, we have to eject, I'm losing altitude fast here."

"Copy that two-three, can you get over water before you punch out?"

"We gotta punch out now sir, this is Slammer 2-3, we're," the voice crackled, "going down over gridsquare Papa Bravo Five-Five-Six." The voice cut out, and she could see her helicopters' pilots give each other a grim look.

"Copy that Slammer 2-3, good luck," replied Pound, over the channel.

Sibyl cursed quietly, not ten minutes into the operations' start, and an aircraft had been downed. More aircraft streaked overhead, mainly F-35C Lightning IIs from the [i]Indefatigable[/i], searching out anti-aircraft sites that had shot down the B-1S. An explosion could be seen near the coastline of the island, probably the disabled bomber crashing into the canopy of lush green that hid a menacing enemy. This wasn't going to be a walkover, and Sibyl knew it, but losing an aircraft so early was probably because the Southern Cross was overconfident of its air and naval superiority in the region. A nearby destroyer launched a simultaneous line of five Tomahawk Cruise missiles, as one of her subordinates shifted nervously next to her, Sergeant Natalie DuPree.

Helicopters on the amphibious transports below were beginning to be loaded with troops, the air and amphibious assault to secure a beachhead was set to begin quickly, to capitalize on the surprise that was hopefully achieved. The coastline of beaches, with lush green behind them were rather belying of what was truly awaiting them, New Britain was a tangle of jungles and quickly ascending hills. More explosions appeared along the coastline, as the naval strike aircraft peppered targets with missiles and bombs that would hopefully soften up any waiting defenses for the assaults' impending arrival. As a member of the elite Lillian Guard, a veteran one at that, Sibyl and her squad were not line infantry, they were shepherded for special assignments. She and four other operators flew in the lead helicopter, which was followed by a helicopter carrying a six-operator squad from Z Unit, the two units would work in tandem for any special objective assigned to them.

As they banked around the naval task force below them again, her radio headset crackled, "Amazon One Actual, this is Stable One-One, sound off."

"Amazon Actual here, copy your traffic sir," responded Sibyl, quietly.

"Amazon One Actual, we have confirmed aircrew on the ground, we're going to need you to take your squad, and extract them," ordered Pound, his voice somber.

"Roger wilco, sir, do we have estimates on the location of these downed airmen?" asked Sibyl, as she whipped out a map from her left breast pocket.

"We're still triangulating exact coordinates, but they are confirmed alive for the moment, we do know they are in the area of gridsquare Papa Charlie Nine-Zero-Four."

Sibyl traced her finger over the gridsquare, noting the contours and surrounding terrain, which consisted of mostly jungle-swept hills broken by a road and a few villages scattered throughout the gridsquare. "Looks like a pretty rough area sir."

"What part of New Britain isn't, lieutenant?" countered Pound.

"Point taken, sir."

"Follow the main assault force in, I'll give you two gunships to cover your final approach to a secure landing zone," ordered Pound.

"And if there isn't a secure landing zone?" she asked, one of the pilots looking over his shoulder at her, and she gave him a reassuring smile.

"That better be a rhetorical question, Amazon One Actual."

"That it was sir, we'll follow the Marines in."

"Godspeed, lieutenant, One-One clear."

Sibyl looked at her squad members, who said nothing, one looked up at her, but quickly looked away when Sibyl made eye contact. Sibyl pulled the charging hammer back on her assault rifle, and leaned back into the helicopter, as she watched the first helicopters begin to take off from the [i]Storm[/i]. Amphibious assault vehicles also began working their way towards shore, disgorged from multiple amphibious assault ships across the fleet. The squad was dead quiet as their duo of helicopters formed up behind the main assault force, their eyes scanning the coastline on the horizon, so lush and beautiful looking, yet so many terrors could be hiding behind that beautiful facade. For Sibyl and her Lillians, it was just another mission, they had been trained to expect death at any time, and this situation was no different.

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