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A surprising message was sent out to the world community through the Foreign Ministry.

[quote]"Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Union of Indonesia and Malaysia is now no more. The governments and peoples of peninsular Malaysia had voiced their desires to return to the United Federation of the East, and their wishes shall be respected. As for Kalimintan (Borneo), the inhabitants have voted to call for Oceanic Union protection. This, too, shall be respected.

"The Union of Indonesia was a valiant effort to unify the Malay peoples together, and ultimately it failed. Union President Suhadi Kalla tendered his resignation, and went somewhere where he 'could not be found.'"[/quote]
With that, the message finished. There would be no more transmissions coming to and from New Jakarta. The Union, for all purposes and intents, had ceased to exist.

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UFE forces moved swiftly to secure the equipment sold by the UFE to the Union of Malaysia and Indonesia. Those in Borneo would be moved to Vietnam.

The the 5th Amphibious Mechanized Division would move from Singapore to take Penninsular Malaysia while the 4th Thai Infantry Division would move to retake most of Southern Thailand and into Northern Malaysia.

[quote]Dispatch from the United Federation of the East:

With the regrettable collapse of the Union of Malaysia and Indonesia, the UFE reannexes its territories previously ceded to Malaysia. The UFE hereby restores Malaysia as an independent state within the Federation and Southern Thailand will rejoin the rest of Thailand. [/quote]

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We are saddened by the collapse of the Union of Indonesia and Malaysia. The 2nd Mechanized Division has been mobilized to return to Borneo and secure the island. We'll do our best to ensure a peaceful and easy transition for the people of Borneo until a new government can be organized.


Security Council Resolution 2122 concerning the governing of Borneo has been reactivated and shall be considered binding for personnel of the 2nd Mechanized Division.

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