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REGNVUM ROMANORVM proclamation of existence

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[font="Book Antiqua"]-From our most illustrious Consul Flavius Josephivs III, who carries the blood of the founding family of Josephii, with the approval and representation of Consuls and Senators of REGNVM ROMANORVM, Senate house of ROMA, May 1, 2011.

[font="Times New Roman"]Greetings to all nations of Planet Bob from Consul Flavius Josephivs III! REGNVM ROMANORVM, a new nation in the world that has been growing since 53 days, would like to proclaim its existence to all nations, alliances and inhabitants of the planet. REGNVM ROMANORVM was born out of an idea by our great first ruler IMPERATORJOSEPHIVS that all speakers of the romance languages have a tie to Rome and were welcome to join in the efforts to establish a new Rome in Planet Bob. Our nation has already faced radical change from its beggining, several attacks have been defeated and a period of anarchy which tested the people. The people have chosen me as their leader in this new democratic form of our government and a constitution is being developed as we speak and our brief history written to share with the nations. Let it be known that this new Roman nation will take the good virtues from the ancient Roman Empire like order, discipline, a legendary military modeled on the legions that is purely a defensive force of peace that will protect our country and to protect the weak. As you can see we were founded to be a nation of many languages, religions and ethnicities but as sacred tradition to our Roman bloodline latin is teached to our youth so someday the mother language returns.

REGNVM ROMANORVM wants to extend its most friendly embrace to leaders of nations that hold our own ideals of democratic socialism, no nuclear proliferation and non-use of nuclear weapons, and peace and harmony for the planet. We would like to declare REGNVM ROMANORVM the most loyal of friends of republics, revolutionary governments, democracies and monarchies and would like to state and declare peace to any other form of government. We are only enemies of tyrants, despots and those who hold the peoples of Planet Bob in terror and those who wage war only for greed, land and deny to other the right of sovereignty. As the new Romans our ultimate goal is to spread our borders, but not so much in land as in cultural, intelectual and moral influence and to share with the world the glory of the newly reborn Rome.


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The Empire of the UK welcomes your official existence and looks forward to perhaps stronger diplomatic ties in the near future.
If you are interested in an alliance or a different alliance, I'm sure I can find you a place.

So on behalf of Planet Bob
o/ Regnvum Romanorvm

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