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Hello my name is bluerag14 and i would like to invite you to join the Alliance to Restore Freedom (or ARF)a fledgling alliance for nations of all strengths.If you have any questions post here.If you would like to join simply go to edit my nation click on alliance affiliation select other and type the Alliance to Restore Freedom (only blue team nations).here is the mission statement for the Alliance to Restore Freedom
war/peace preference: War.
Nuke position: Nuclear weapons are OK.
Team color: Blue
Government type: 5 Head Council Members, who when problems arise (wars, foreign affair problems and so forth) shall vote on the said issue along with the minor council members (of which there shall be 20) on what to do about the problem, with each head council member receiving three (3) votes and each minor council member receiving one (1) vote,winning with a simple majority, however in case of a tie each council member (Minor and Head) shall vote again with one (1) vote each (thereby ensuring that if the majority of the minor council members are all against what the Head council members have said they can overrule them). Also all council members can call for a vote on a problem, however it has to seconded bye a Head council member(However head council members do not need a call for vote to be seconded by a head council member as they are one.
Government Election: Head council members shall be elected by all members of the alliance with each member receiving one (1) vote and voting on someone other than themselves with candidates winning by simple majority. Head council members shall serve a term of two (2)months before having to try to be reelected. Minor council members shall be conducted the same but with two difference, one that each Head council member shall elect 1 member to the Minor council (therefore only 10 minor council members shall be elected by the members of the alliance). And two that minor council members shall serve a term of one (1) month. For the first Head and Minor council members (besides the 5 Minor council members that are elected by the head council members) the first nations to join shall be elected to the position of there choice, and after serving there terms they can try for reelection.
Charter Amendment: Minor and Head council members can call for a vote to amend the charter obeying the same voting requirements as any other vote except that instead of simple majority it must win by 2/3 majority.
Discipline Rules: Any nation part of the alliance that attacks (by any means) another nation in the alliance is automatically kicked from there position in the alliance and is declared a traitor to the alliance. So if any nation in the alliance has problems with another nation in the alliance they should call for a vote (conducted like any other vote) to kick the nation from the alliance.

Here is the charter for the Alliance to Restore Freedom. I hope you find it satisfactory.

This alliance is dead

Thank you

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