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Rally for the Republic!

Bull Run

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Across the North American Continent, branches form of the American Continental Party as it launched the [i][color="#8B0000"]Rally for the Republic![/color][/i] to reach out to, inform, & reawaken the North American public to their true destiny of Liberty. Thousands arrive to local rallies where party members address the various audiences from the American South all the way to Canadia. Generating an unpresidented following among Americans, Continent-wide.

[color="#000080"][font="Courier New"]
Boston, Boston Federacy[/font][/color]

Boston residence fill their local stadium, taking part in the rallying cries of a restored Constitution & Union throughout the Americas in years following the annexation of the United States by domestic expansionists by the aid of foreign allies.

[i]"It has been said that when in the course of human events, an oppression so revolts its subjects that it becomes necessary to alter or abolish the means of that tyranny. Is it that time when the Constitution is forced to the wayside, when aggression of the past threaten our security today. When empires usurp the destiny of a continent through force, free nations enslaved by fear of repression & content with protection. When people of North America tremble under the thumb of aggressive expansionism and now, America is drifting dangerously away from its foundations counter to tyranny & forceful conquest. When Emperors maintain a culture of fear, we are a movement for bravery, patriotism, & the American way.

We seek neither prestige nor political power if only we may awake the minds of American nations to come again into a more perfect Union, because America should be more than a theater for land grabs, far more than a basing for imperialist adventures abroad. The time is now, the threat is clear. The bands of tyranny are tightening around the Continent & it is our duty to resist!"[/i]

[font="Courier New"][color="#000080"]
St. John's, Commonwealth of Canada[/color][/font]

Canadian audiences offer no less enthusiasm as their (former US) American counterparts, rallying to the outdoor event to hear the message of this new Continental Party that unifying a challenge to what they say to be an imperialist hegemony over America.

[i]"As empowered patriots let us take part in the commitment to the ideals in which this country was founded. America out of Union may be likened to a corpse without a soul. Each state is a limb to a lifeless corpse that only liberty & our Constitution may revive. The challenge before awakening America, is no less than to bring about a revolution of values & inspire a renaissance of American politics & breath new life into the tortured body of our fragmented Continent. We will meet that challenge with courage & love. And as always...We the people will prevail!"[/i]

[color="#000080"][font="Courier New"]Austin, Federal Republic of America[/font][/color]

Once dismissed as inconsequential by Imperial public opposition, the American Continental Party & Constitutional Movement has risen to shoot those dismissals down. The audience converging on Austin offered an impressive answer to any dismissals with the message reaching swaths of FRA citizens. At all rallies, copies of the US Constitution where handed out & decor was an elaborate explosion of Red, White, & Blue banners & colorations.

[i]"...the American Continental Party, we are resisting an occupation over the hearts of minds of America we once bought in too. We lived supporting & defending the new way of American geopolitics, until we found out the hard way that the greatest enemies to America are not to be found in some far off land, but they are right here at home!

With truth & informing, we are inspiring a generation of Americans young and old to remember a better way of leading America then striving for Empire and by supporting those who are peacefully resisting we inspire further resistance. This whole movement is moving past the external wounds to the greater evils plaguing this continent. We know that the greatest threat to American sovereignty is the current hegemony of Empires. No tyrant has ever restored the Constitution, freedoms where won not by any legislature but by a movement. We have bright hope for America, but it comes not from any Emperor's recompense. No. This hope, comes from you.

We have a vision of where America should be & we're need to move forward with it together!"[/i]

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