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Of Rockets and Dreams


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[b][OOC: Closed to iKrolm, Triyun, Lavo, and myself][/b]

[b]An Invitation was sent out to the Governments of Rebel Army, Selenarctos, and the UFE;[/b]

[quote][i]Ladies and Gentlemen,[/i]

The Government of the Union of the Southern Cross cordially invites you to send your top rocketry research teams to Melbourne, to join us in the development of a new electric rocket engine. This design will revolutionize space travel, and will be, when developed, one of the most powerful designs for lifting space vehicles into orbit. The research group will be working out of Melbourne, Victoria and the Woomera Rocketry Complex in South Australia, where the launch of the final product will take place.

We believe we are on the cusp of something great here, and we look forward to you taking part in this endeavor. We are pioneers, and the result of this product will be a great leap forward in aerospace science for [i]decades[/i] to come. We look forward to hearing back from you, and hope to see you in Melbourne in a week! Thank you for your interest in this project.


Xavier Diaz
[i]Minister of Economics[/i][/quote]

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[b][OOC: I'm going to bump this again, for those of you who want to be a part of this. I'm going to start work on it now.][/b]

[b]Classified - Woomera Rocket Complex[/b]

"You're looking at the newest design for a space rocket, one of the best that has probably been designed," said Dr. Melinda Brown, looking at the Prime Minister from across the table.


Elisabeth "Lizzie" Whittaker looked up at Brown, and back down at the design schematic in her hands, she then said, "Melinda, remember, you're talking to a former commercial development administer here. I am, literally, not a rocket science. We called a bunch of big name countries in to work on this development, this better be damn good."

"It is a very complex system, but I can ensure you, this engine blows away any of the competition. Look at the statistics on that page," said Brown, nodding at the sheet of paper in front of Whittaker. "The thrust of this engine will be more then [i]sixteen[/i] times the NEXT Ion Engines, this baby has [i]twenty-seven[/i] times the actual power of those engines. These engines can cut the use of the word 'months' in any sentence to do with a mission to Mars. We're looking at the future in your lap, Lizzie, that's why I called you here."

"So you're saying that this rocket, if produced, will revolutionize the aerospace industry."

"Overnight. You think those old Saturn-V rockets that they shot up look impressive, even the PPS-1350, and the NEXT Ion Engines are nothing compared to this thing. They're obsolete the minute this thing goes up in the air, all we need is the extra funding."

Whittaker looked at Brown for a moment, then back at the drawing, then back at her old friend and said with a smile, "Alright Melinda, you'll get your extended funding in Parliament for this project, trust me, get to work."

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Dr. Teodorico Garrido, head of the Selenarcan Aerospace Consortium team, watched the presentation with interest. Funding for space research in Selenarctos had been minimal over the last decade, confined to satellite technology since the end of the Mars program so the prospect of developing a new class of engine had drawn some of the best minds in the business.

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