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  1. I once had 15 people in my alliance, and now I only have 10. How can I get people to join my alliance and be loyal? How can I convince someone through recruiting?
  2. Most people agree, but I am getting a lot of resistance from one person. We can override him, but he is being a bit difficult... I expect this to take a while. But anyway, do you have any help for me to get these resources?
  3. I am on a mission to gain these resources: Aluminum Coal Gems Gold Iron Lumber Marble Oil Rubber Silver Water Wine How would I go about getting each of these? Which resources of these would be best for me to start with? Who can help me on this quest?
  4. I am not sure as to what resources would be helpful in my trade slots at this point. I have cancelled all of my trade slots so I can have a fresh start. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=564410 What (or who) could help me?
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