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  1. [quote name='Belisaurus' timestamp='1324400240' post='2882605'] Your nation is oddly casualty free for having partaken in a 'real' war. [/quote] Another "lolnocasualties" joke? Really? I thought we were passed that. Tactics, duh.
  2. [quote name='janax' timestamp='1324400028' post='2882601'] I believe this is what is known as Satire. It's a poor attempt at poking fun at VE. [/quote] The war is real. The terms will be real.
  3. [quote name='Methrage' timestamp='1324399567' post='2882593'] Why choose Wrath of Ananegg as your alliance name if Ananegg has nothing to do with your alliance is what I'm wondering. [/quote] This is not relevant right now but I am aware the name was a mistake. Ananegg has condemned this effort and once all of this is settled re-branding will likely occur. But for now, WoA exists to pay for its crimes. Plus there is no point in getting a new name right now because GOD might determine a new AA for me anyway as part of terms so best to wait.
  4. [quote name='Il Impero Romano' timestamp='1324399248' post='2882589'] What is this, and who are you? [/quote] Public notice of unconditional surrender to GOD. Bassbob.
  5. [quote name='Alfred von Tirpitz' timestamp='1324398422' post='2882584'] What is this convention thing? More importantly what does it have to do with your surrender? edit: is this the first alliance surrender of the war? [/quote] -A convention, hosted in the glorious emerald city of Viridia, which outlines the guidelines honorable men and women must follow when engaging the Global Order of Darkness. These principles were agreed upon by most civilized alliances. -Trying to make up for being a war criminal (violating the rules of convention). - No. NPL surrendered to Neb-X and I think fo
  6. [b]I[/b] Wrath of Ananegg (WoA hereafter) hereby acknowledges complete defeat against the forces of GOD. [b]II[/b] WoA admits violations of the Viridian Convention on Ethical Engagement of the Global Order of Darkness (VCEEGOD; Viridian Convention hereafter). [b]III[/b] WoA apologizes for declaring war on GOD as part of the declaration on SuperFriends without Viridian approval and in violation of the Viridian Convention. [b]IV[/b] The above being true, WoA hereby unconditionally surrenders to GOD. I would like to ask a member of GOD government to please provide whatever terms t
  7. Ananegg disapproves. I have no purpose. All these war crimes for nothing.
  8. [quote name='Hyperonic' timestamp='1323992321' post='2879220'] Then what does Ananegg have to do with you or your alliance I dont understand [/quote] Of course you don't. You're a RIA member.
  9. [quote name='Hyperonic' timestamp='1323992167' post='2879217'] Are you Ananegg [/quote] No.
  10. [quote name='James Dahl' timestamp='1323991616' post='2879203'] He was only in range of one guy in R&R, so I guess we'll have to wait a while for MK members to aid him up enough to hit us. [/quote] I take no foreign aid and the sole declaration of war is just the beginning.
  11. [quote name='James Dahl' timestamp='1323991308' post='2879196'] MK NS on 01/23: 11.1 Million MK NS today: 6.4 Million Difference? We will rebuild Also stop whining. [/quote] I am not an MK member and no you will not. You're RIA.
  12. [quote name='James Dahl' timestamp='1323990287' post='2879175'] Deal with it, stop crying etc. [/quote] RIA NS on 11/27: 6.3 Million RIA NS today: 3.3 Million
  13. [quote name='James Dahl' timestamp='1323989755' post='2879163'] http://rialliance.net/index.php?topic=29300.msg269845#msg269845 [/quote] Don't soil this announcement by linking to that unclean place. Cactuar scum.
  14. [quote name='Walshington' timestamp='1323989218' post='2879150'] Wow -- strong words from an angry... er, Alliance. [/quote] Thank you.
  15. It has been many years since those dark times. The world has all but forgotten. Members of the RIA committed unspeakable crimes against the gentle soul known as Ananegg, ruler of Otakon and member of the Mushroom Kingdom. At the time the Mushroom Kingdom was a pariah as the Pacifican overlords of the time sought to isolate them. Cowardly alliances like the RIA, who would not dare lift a finger against anyone with power, sure jumped at the chance to throw their weight against the then politically weak Kingdom. They defended the OOC attackers, Ananegg received no justice. No more. This is t
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