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  1. Okay, okay. I found the list. Tums had tucked it away in her...... ...well anyway, she had it. and the April TotalFark Council is: [list] [*]RavingMainyYak (Speaker of Council) [*]Fireguy911, err FireGuy90210, err FireGuy8675309, ahh, you know who I mean. [*]Kahiel [*]ManwithPlanX [*]Shinfat [/list] As usual, we are doomed.
  2. [center] Spring is in the air. After a long cold winter [i](I know, another hot summer for those of you in South Africa, Australia, and other areas on the arse end of the world)[/i] Farkers flee Mom's basements for some nightlife. Perhaps an evening of karaoke . . . and where better than at the establishment named for Farkistan's Master of Morale: [img]http://www.farkistan.org/gallery/1674_26_03_10_11_57_43.jpeg[/img] You know, this is why many places ban the sale of alcohol on voting days, but in Farkistan, following a rousing erection, it's time to unwind. Click on the pic below
  3. Around the world, the sporting community awaits June's World Cup, but in the USA, the College Bowl Game season is top of mind. And coincident with Farkistan's monthly erections, we have exclusive coverage of one of the lesser known bowl games, the Hormel Bacon Bowl. Let's go live now to ESPN College Game Day for more . . . . Hi! I'm Lee Corso! And I'm Kirk Herbstreit. Welcome to College Gameday: Farkistan! ... Corso? The hell is wrong with you? Take that ridiculous thing off. You're embarrassing yourself. Fark you, Herbie, I'm drunk! It's a Fark thing! You are such a Farking chi
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