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  1. gray mage

    Trading Harbor Rules/Singular Trades

    Team: Orange Nation Name: Kanzania National Leader: Gray Mage Link to Nation:http://cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=187673 Your Resources: Uranium & Spices Needed Resources: One of the following combinations please: Iron & Water Iron & Aluminum Iron & Lumber Iron & Coal
  2. gray mage

    Inquiry of the Great Wars History

    Thank You everyone. The information is greatly appreciated.
  3. I am seeking any information on the Great Wars. Any help would be appreciated. I am looking for factual information. The involement of alliances, nations, and team colors. Who won? Who lost? When they began and ended? How long did each of the GW last? Thanks.
  4. Sorry took so long. Real world CRAP. I read all but the road to the matriarch. I bought it when it came out just haven't cracked it open just yet. yea long time. Thanks for the reply.

  5. I saw your post in your event thread, so I'll respond here as to not derail the thread:

    Yes, I read plenty of RA Salvatore