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The Endless Drama

Adam Suttler



Hey everyone! I've decided to get in on this whole blogging thing, since some people have it in their sigs and such. Most of the content that I'll be writing will deal with some politics, some funnies, and maybe some random crap. But here's entry no. 1. Enjoy!

The Endless Drama

I'm quite a passive participant in the goings-on of things on the CN forums; they usually entail some retard asking to be ZI'd, some new charters and treaties, and the occasional "ZOMG! i c wut u did thar!!!1!" topic. It's exactly those "ZOMG" topics that, for some, make this place worth coming back to every now and again, and for others, it is the bane of their existence. There's only two types of people I hate in this world: Elitists, and stupid people. The illogicality of some people is sometimes just too much to bear to be able to write it in words. Of course, there are those that make us laugh with their completely unintentionally stupid comments, and then there are those that just won't stop posting acrid manure on these forums. Many a time I've confronted such people with stating their errors and setting them on the right path, and the only coherent response to this seems to be "NO U". How much more of this are we going to have to take (rhetorical question; we'll have to take a crapload more)?!

None of my previous engagements with stupidity prepared me for what I was about to face in the Athens Treaty Cancellation thread. I was first informed of its existence in my alliance's IRC channel, when people claimed that we were being openly slandered on the OWF. Being a government member, I naturally decided to investigate these proceedings. What I came to find there was the epitome of lies and flaming that I had witnessed against TSI. We were all aware that us and Athens had drifted apart since the Karma War, no doubt as a result of being on separate sides in the conflict. However, what was said by Londo Mollari was unwarranted and baseless, and was a direct flame at TSI in general. Forgive me for belittling the cancellation with Knights of Cydonia; however, their part in the thread was close to non-existant when measured to the velocity and weight of Londo's accusation against The Sasori Initiative.

Had there been an inch of visible truth to the accusation that Londo provided, I would not complain. However, no Athenian can back up his claim with anything substantial, least of all Jack Diorno's selection of useless IRC excerpts, trying to make them look incriminating. As a result of this lack of conclusive evidence, old animosities sprung up from different sectors, splitting the thread into Athens and Friends vs. TSI and Friends. The part that makes me wonder the most is that for 19 friggen pages, no conclusion has been drawn and no evidence has been provided (at least from the Athenian side. TSI brought forth logs of the only ever conversations with Athens, which were incredibly few). This is highly disappointing in an alliance such as Athens, who have been around for at least a year or so, to force such a pile of revolting crap upon the CN community, and hope for a blind following in what they have presented as the "Truth".

At this point, no one truly knows what the truth is. TSI has shown time and time again that they had nothing to do with any Athens info, whilst Athens continues to force their hand that TSI had wounded them by giving away information. The flaws in this story:

  1. No one knows what the secret information is. Not even the Athenians can recall what it was about; if they knew, they would've mentioned it in the thread a long time ago.
  2. Athens keeps avoiding any direct confrontation regarding their accusations, instead of addressing them with a suitable answer. It has been 2 days since this announcement has been made. Why Athens still hasn't come up with a suitable public response just boggles my mind. But thinking about it, it truly does take a month or so to write a good fictional story.
  3. Londo Mollari, and several of his government members, seem to think that this whole affair is a joke. News flash: it isn't. You've just crashed your alliance's PR to such a level that cow !@#$ looks like flowers. It's true that TSI may have taken a hit, but since your plan backfired, they've come out less bruised.
  4. I have seen the words, "Believe what you want. We know the truth.", too many times in this thread, posted by either Londo or some other Athenian. Would it honestly be too much to ask for us to be enlightened by your truth? You have nothing but your words to blindly guide others in your direction. Perhaps some proof of the legality of your accusations would be appropriate.

The people of Planet Bob deserve to know the truth. You have not given them that at all. It is not a mortal sin to admit that someone is wrong. If you can prove that your accusations are correct, hell I'll write a public apology to Athens regarding this entire mix-up. If you can't do so because you don't want to or you don't have anything to do it with, then you can simply back down and apologize, as we would, if we were in your situation. Your blinding pride may falter as a result, but running away from this problem with your tail between your legs is not the answer to it.

You've already thrown the dice, Athens. It's your move.


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I think this is a case of Athens government jumping to conclusions based on far too little evidence. They've done that before. Their logdumps were intended to convince people that the OP was an honest reflection of their beliefs, rather than to convince people of the truth of their beliefs.

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