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Breath of fresh air (and scent)




After a short break of eating slime and dirt to replenish myself, I was given the order to buddy up with a fellow worker to scavenge outside exit 12. I wished I could've picked #1674 as my teacher but was assigned to #656. If you don't remember, he was the one who played a bunch of pranks on me not 3 hours ago. *sigh*

So before we ventured out of the colony, #656 said in order to prepare for the adventure we need to "get our juices flowing" and visit Tunnel G-32. As described, there were many sexy thoraxes and curvy abdomens. Not sure exactly what was going on but it felt good.

With that out of the way we headed toward exit 12 and crawled out. What an amazing sight! There was this bright light I couldn't get away from so that was scary. But boy did I feel like a Carpenter ant! We headed out but #656 made sure we didn't wander too far. He led the way the whole time and kept poofing a scent. He made sure I stayed right behind him but it smelled awful! He said that I had to stay close so I didn't lose loose (sorry pet peeve) him. Not sure how I could get lost but whatever. I hope he wasn't playing another trick on me.

We dragged a freshly cut green leaf back to the colony but other than that it was uneventful. I hope that the next few hours gets more interesting.



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