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Holy Crap

chewy milk



I was on the other side of the colony when it all happened. Even at that great distance though, I could hear the screams of terror and death echoing through the tunnels. It's not something I'll soon forget. I wanted to run to them and see what I could do to help, but being a guard, it was my sworn duty to protect the queen's private waste room that day. A lot of soldiers died fighting the aardvark and to replenish the ranks, a lot of us guardsmen are being reassigned to full soldier status. I've been told my duties start tomorrow I'm pretty worried about that. I mean sure we have a reputation for being pretty bad $@!, but really my job description pretty much involves keeping larvae off the queen's lawn and bored workers from carving graffiti into the tunnel walls. I don't know if I'm cut out for the life of a soldier. But, I do what I must for the good of the colony. For now, I've been assigned to assist the workers in the clean up. It's....pretty bad. I found the head of #16224 under a pebble. He was a pretty good friend of mine. I put his head into the food stores. It's what he'd have wanted. It's like that all over: legs, antennae, mandibles....just all over. I'm glad I only have to do this for today. It's just too much.



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