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  1. SupremeCourtJudge

    Day 3

    I'm looking forward to seeing you in action. #8212 says you've got great big mandibles.
  2. That ant is right, you are unique, just like all the trillions of ants out there.
  3. I'm scared too. Just the other day, #8712 woke up to find an aphid's head next to his bed. These are weird times.
  4. What is up with all this dissension in the ranks? I remember when no ant questioned their duty. Now we are slipping into chaos. It is bad enough that we are at war with spiders, red ants, and ant-eaters, must we also fight among ourselves?
  5. I am glad that I am not the only one who chafes under #7's growing tyranny.
  6. SupremeCourtJudge

    Day 2

    Ummm...that isn't the Queen's jelly you are eating.
  7. Comrade, such thoughts are the road to madness. We are born slaves and we will die slaves. Such is our lot. We can and must not resist. The larger Hill is too great for us.
  8. I notice that I have been gaining a few grams. Even the other ants notice that I have been getting more chubby and out of shape. It is so bad that now I can only lift 20 times my body weight. It's becoming embarrassing and I promise to do something about it--no longer will the others call me mean names such as Formicidae Fatty.
  9. At last, someone has the courage to finally say what we have all been feeling.
  10. SupremeCourtJudge

    I'm so Emo!

    Friend, these are confusing times for all of us. However, we must remember who we are and stay true to our roots--fierce, tiny insect defenders for the glory of the anthill. Yes we may be tiny, but our bites leave annoying red marks. Viva la ant hill!
  11. #16224 will be missed, but he was very nutritious.
  12. Personally, I never liked #1002.
  13. I too know the fear of drawing too close to a preying mantis. Or is it praying mantis? I always forget. Anyway, I guess it doesn't matter since either way, they can chop off one of our thorax's with a single bite. I hate them so much...
  14. SupremeCourtJudge

    Day 637

    We finally got done hauling the rest of the beetle carcass into the Anthill. It was a lot of work but well worth it--that carcass should feed us for days. A couple of us workers went for some beers afterwards. It got kind of rowdy and #3791 got accidentally decapitated. Stupid #3791 with his shenanigans. It was worth a few laughs though.
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