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A Random Thought, that was thought at 3:00 am

Asriel Belacqua



Warning: I know this may seem arbitrary, though, seeing as it's 3:00 a.m., I wouldn't be surprised by the amount of randomness in this post.

On Alliances:

I recently joined the IAA, which stands for the Imperial Assault Alliance. I'm pretty sure many, if not all of you have heard of it, but I digress.

(Bear with me, it's not a recruitment blog here) I really like the IAA, and many members, even with the recent drama (See: Balsamic Vinegar, AKA Youmaka, and his ex-wife Rebecca), though I have to say, that retirement was definitely better.

While I know that many would say "But the fun part of CN is being in the politics and getting to know people" etc etc, I do know this, and I do enjoy meeting new people, but let me tell you about "retirement."

While in "retirement" you don't HAVE to do anything. Anything you do is because you want to, with no fear of harming other people's pixels. You can still go on IRC and have fun on forums, but you don't have to worry about the "dull" side of things in CN, and can have more fun creating drama.

It's a bit like going rogue, except, you are not leaving the game, and are still "playing by the rules" of alliances, in that you aren't just declaring on everyone and nuking them, though I guess you could...

Anyway, in closing, I know it's not much of an article this time around, it's late (or early), give me a break.

Just want to say, thanks for reading, and, I love alliances, I just like being free too. Maybe some of you should try it out.

~Asriel Belacqua



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