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The "soul" of the media




I will not mention the reporter's name, he is dead now and still has family alive. After the fall of Saigon, war correspondents left to cover the War which was still taking place in Cambodia.

I watched the nightly news as this reporter covered a wounded Cambodian soldier from where he was wounded (leg blown off above the knee) back to an aid station. The Cambodian Army had no helicopters to whisk the wounded away to medical attention; his journey would begin with two other soldiers aiding him back to a road where he was loaded in a truck. The reporter and his crew followed this soldier and filmed his progress. The Cambodian died by bleeding out before he received medical attention.

So what's the deal? Common everyday sense to an educated US citizen would have been to tourniquet the leg, it was already gone. I cannot believe that CBS, the reporter's and crew's employer, sent them into a combat zone without some rudimentary instruction in first aid. Was any aid rendered by the crew watching this man die? No-a simply tourniquet and treatment for shock would have saved this man's life, but would have ruined the story. Their choice-the story and we were able to look into their black hearts and see evil. Omission is as guilty as commission.



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