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Winner by Default





It is no secret that Q/1V has a big image problem right now. However, this problem is one of their own making.

Several months ago I told various Q/1V leaders that they should be more conscious of shaping perceptions. However, these alliances seemed to avoid participating in the perception game. Not only have Q alliances not effectively combated accusations against them, they have basically waved the white flag and surrendered the propaganda war. This has created a huge vacuum for rulers that want information.

Into this vacuum strolls the likes of Electron Sponge and Schattenman. Vox's Ministry of Science has become the preeminent source of hard information for all of Planet Bob by virtue of the fact that they are the only show in town. Just from anecdotal experience, I would venture to bet that the majority of interested rulers on Planet Bob, read TWiP or the Tattler on the regular basis. These readers do not necessarily have sympathy to the Vox cause, as much as have a desire for information and it seems the Ministry of Science is the only source for said information.

Now, most leaders from Q and 1V that I talk to laugh off the efforts of Vox. They consider such propaganda irrelevant and humorous at best. They would do well to remember that the ones who control communication control content.

domination of media = domination of message

Nobody ever won a war on public opinion, but public opinion really does matter. Many alliances have some sort of democratic/representative governance. IN such systems, general membership evaluates political proposals based on the information at hand and then decides. If the general membership relies on information supplied by Vox, it is not a stretch to think that Vox is indirectly affecting the policies of a lot of alliances.

If Q/1V were smart, they would aggressively combat the Vox information proliferation with news sources of their own. This does not mean trolling Vox threads or flaming Vox sympathizers (as has been often seen). Instead, it is a toe to toe propaganda battle where various perspectives are presented. The most effective presentation will hold the most sway. Currently that battle is being won by Vox, by default.

One would think that an objective look at the situation would catalyze change in Q/1V policy. Not likely. There is a certain isolation that comes from living on tall ivory pedestals.



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