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Well, Here We Go...Again!



It has been an interesting time for us. Gone from the Cyberverse for very nearly a year, I decided to come back to the game. The major reason was to introduce a few friends to the planet, gently. Being a ruling Monarch can be a bit of a drag on one's social life. Rather than drag myself to the "social", I instead chose to drag the "social" to CN. What does that say about me? :)

And I have joined a new Alliance begun by some friends, originally protected by other friends (since "graduated"). Today, we discover that we are now Director of Public Affairs (FA) for The Biohazard Corporation. Timing, huh?

Rhemus is rebuilding, slowly. Let us hope we can prepare for a future conflagration effectively. I do appreciate you good folks presenting my return with a global conflict. It just seems good for what ails ya, don't it? LOL

More as we develop.


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