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Five Hundred Days




Sometimes in life we learn that, in order to help those whom we care most about, we must make terribly difficult decisions. So long as the greater good is maintained, even difficult choices can be somewhat mitigated. We've had to visit that belief of late. It has been difficult. Yet, we know that, in the outcome, the greater good is being served.

Today, Merlinus attained the venerable age of 500 days. For most who would read this writing, that would only be a distant memory. That's fine. For us, however this is the first time our nation has achieved that landmark, and we are happy about it. Merlinus has survived two global wars. Her people are happy, productive, and rebuilding after a nearly 14k infra loss. This time around, the rebuilding holds less drama, and more determination. That's growth for her leader, as well.

CN life causes us to make choices as rulers of our nations. For all 500 of my days, we have proudly flown not only our own standard, but that of our alliance. Today, for reasons that are our own alone, that relationship ended.

The first obligation of any good ruler is to preserve and grow their nation. Our previous alliance not only taught me how to do that, but assisted me with this responsibility more than I could ever have dreamed. From Trade Circles to Tech circles, the people of Merlinus have never been in want. Building aid, and rebuilding aid have consistently flowed to us. Everything a ruler could possibly hope or dream to have, or achieve in the game, and in any good alliance has been fully, and selflessly realized.

But there is also a reality that we learn in levels, and sometimes we "plateau", creating a flat plane where growth should be. We hit it, and worked to pass through it. The plateau didn't end. Surely, many of you have felt this feeling. Stagnation works in a ruler's favor when the people are content and safe. It also brings the interest in Planet Bob down to about 10 minutes per day. That's difficult, after extended hours per day preparing for, prosecuting, or recovering from war.

I need to grow. I feel as if I have grown consistently, and well. There have been some trying times, and some wonderful times, as well. I've learned some important lessons about alliance life, and the communities that a strong alliance can create and maintain. Now, there are more lessons to be learned. There is an opportunity to give back to an amazing community of friends who, transcending the affiliation of an alliance, remain friends still. I have decided to find those next lessons. Hopefully, I can give a little back to the game that I have come to truly appreciate.

AzN, Day 1. Safe travels on your journey. May our paths cross often, and may we never regret it when they do.



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