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Quotes of DOOM! Volume 10




Doesnt five years make you the Old Pacific Order? :awesome:


I thought this was a masterful, terrific social commentary on the human condition. I especially enjoyed the portion of the song dedicated to describing the sequentiality of the weekend. Clearly a deep reference to the quintessential, basest mores we as a people falteringly accept.

Good luck trying to make me, I once fought off an army of robot ninja zombie Nazis. Millions of well-oiled death-machines were no match for me, how can either of you possibly hope to stand against me?

Here's a secret: You can't even scratch your nose here on Planet Bob without being criticized for it. You may want to start coming to terms with that now.
What does the credit rating have to do with things?
Apparently lordilam believes there is a possibility Esau will default on his promise to have sex with this girl.


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