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Quotes of DOOM! Volume 9




Chicken ramen is delicious, btw.

GATO, how dare you have the cajones to post a fake DoW with an explanation in the subtitle, and upset all these poor, innocent, OWF posters? I, for one, am ashamed to be allied to you, and I'm disgusted with you actions. WE ARE OVER!

Well this week I've seen ODN execute a properly timed counterattack, Sparta declare war stating more or less up front that they have no interest in profiting from it but are interested in "fun", and now GOONS have written a well thought out, reasoned post in which they articulate their position effectively, without silly pictures or attempts at lulz.

Ok people, joke's over. Where did you put my Planet Bob and where the hell am I?

Haha, I remember when some no-name NPO guy got mad at me for using the Pacifica pip during Halloween. :crazyawesome:

There are named NPO guys? I thought they were all "the enemy"

Like all good super villain criminal syndicates, they probably have the special guys with funny names at the top as leaders and such and then hordes of unnamed henchmen serving them.

Joking around on the GATO forums. B-)

That's the true gentleman, i have the same opinion as you :D

All warriors of NEW always think this is just a game, that's why we always go to battlefields even we're often on losing side :)

True gentlemen.


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