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A Blog is Born




First off welcome to my blog, I am glad you have taken time out of your day to read babbling on the politics of world that isn't tangible.

The purpose of this blog is not to undermined any political organizations that exist in the cyberverse, but rather to explain exactly how various norms that exist (many unseen or not talked about in the open) effect everyday alliance politics and the politics on a grand scale. I feel that the bias that exists on the cyberverse with groups such as Vox and their opposes isn't the most effective way to explain anything, both have an agenda to press. Whereas this blog will attempt to focus on providing a non-bias (as much as possible given my position) view of cyberverse politics. I will touch on why hot issues such as how groups like Vox will never be successful without a major change in strategy also on how groups like NPO are failing without a change, issues that are discussed endlessly on the forums already, but nothing from an absolute non-partisan perspective.

I look forward to writing this blog, I am taking suggestions for topics, but it is late and I must bid you good night.



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