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Tomes of ancient Wisdom




My family forgot to give me the manuals on How Life Works. They probably hocked them for a down payment on a new chevy or further back, perhaps the tomes went overboard on my ancestors maiden voyage to the US. Whatever the reason I failed to receive them.

Not The Purpose of Life; I understand MHA has that one copyrighted, but tomes with titles such as these: What To Do If You Are Up the Creek Without a Paddle, Fighting Back When You Are Tired of Being Pushed Around, Love --What It Is and How to Survive It and How to Keep Your Head About You When Everyone Else is Losing Theirs.

They keep swindling us with other faux manuals in the self-help section at the library and book store and, God help us, even broadcast on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

You say the tomes are missing from your birthright also? You found only an old package labeled Magic Bean Seeds? Do not despair- author Robert A. Heinlein included them in his rousing good yarns. There are over forty waiting on you.



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