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Just another day...

John Warbuck



Independance- such a beautiful city to fly over at night. What was once the humble city that founded New Aligned States' beginnings has become such a thriving metropolis. I call it my home, but sometimes, I don't know if I even recognize the place anymore. It is so much different than the battered and war torn village it once was.

My name is John Warbuck, and I am the High Chancellor of New Aligned States. This nation also happens to the the capital of an entire alliance, called the Aqua Defense Initiative. Warbuck Palace, the Palace made of white gold, was once a private place for my humble staff to meet with me in our early prosperity. It was the first gift that the people of New Aligned States gave to me that was in the form of a national wonder. They made it a Great Monument in honor of me. I still remember when they completed the project, and cut the red tape. The amount of beer consumed that night was ungodly.

Now the palace has entire halls dedicated to housing foreign affairs and coordination with member nations of ADI, and a Hall for the Sentinels to meet in and cast their votes for important alliance matters. The east wing also houses the Council of Guardians and all of their offices. It seems to me that the palace has more foreign staff than domestic nowadays. If I ever want to visit a foreign country, I only need to walk up the brilliant, shining steps of Warbuck Palace.

But sometimes, when I want to get away from everything and return to my roots, I'll take a quiet reprieve and head down to Decatur, where it all began. I have to admit that it is very hard to escape my own celebrity, but in Decatur, it is quite different. Being a political celebrity is one thing, but when I walk around with foreign celebrities like Tautology, Canik, or Scutterbug, it only magnifies the scene, drawing in the need for more security and personal escorts. In Decatur, I am more able to slip between the cracks, and have the hope of being able to walk around like a normal man- a citizen of NAS.

I visit the barn where I led the charge during the Battle of the Barn that would lead to the establishment of what is now a great and prosperous nation, and I remember just what it is that I am here for. All of the nations in the Aqua Defense Initiative have their own "barns" where their nations got their start, and now the thriving metropolis of Independance is their new symbol of hope. It is a wonderful time when things are new, and the prospects of greatness in the months and years to come are still visions yet to come true.

And so, I write these things now to be able to look back upon. The seeds of a new alliance, destined for greatness, and the way things look. I know that in a year, it will not look the same, just as my nation became a giant, so shall this alliance, in time. I welcome you, the readers to be able to follow me along in this journey, and to guess, just as I am forced to do, at what lies at each new turn. There will be times of joy and times of hardship, but in the end, I know that there will be one great tale to tell.

Whatever happens, I'm glad that this journey is shared with friends.



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