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So we start........

Grand Master Azreal



OK, not entirely sure what I plan to do with this little blog, so it will probably be an amalgamation of my own opinions both IC and OOC as well as some other useless bits of info that no one but myself will find interesting. So in the long run the same as every other blog ever written both on Cybernations and the internet as a whole.

I think to start myself off it would be an idea to give a run down of my history in the game, I've been around since just before the St Paddy's Day Massacre and was a member of the LSF for most of my initial doings in the game, I of course was terribly inactive and got deleted and ended up having to re-roll for the first time into the nation of The Rock with the current ruler, and promptly rejoined LSF until the time Haraldur came up with the idea of the Communist Party of Cybernations, which I helped form along with a good few other people though a couple did more work than others and was the first Party Secretary though not the first democratically elected on. A lot of drama went down and we ended up with Demokratikos in charge and I left for the New Pacific Order for a while, and then Demo tried his coup, and I returned to my home in CPCN where I did various jobs mostly Interior Commissar things until GATO-1V and honour pulled me to fight on behalf of GATO which to be honest my time there was the best time I had in my entire CN career so far. I ended up getting deleted again and re-rolling into my current nation. Rejoined CPCN, then formed Eternal Clique with a couple of guys, but it folded due to some RL occurances and then I ended back in GATO for a while, until the Karma War where I ended up joining the International for a while and then once again found myself back in GATO where I remain today, and will probably remain for the rest of my days.

So yeah that is about all for now.



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