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Game of the Year/Ending #1 - P4




First of all, go check out my Game of the Year topic. Personally, my game of the year will probably go to Left 4 Dead. Amazing game, especially with close friends. Case in point: Defending the roof of an abandoned and infested hospital while waiting for helicopter rendezvous and rescue.


Back to the latter, I have just encountered the "Bad Ending" for Persona 4.

After watching the most emotionally charged climax for any role playing game, I had picked an incorrect choice in some decisions.

At that point, I encountered an ending that left almost every question I had unanswered.

It was still a great ending. It left me speechless, and as I watched the credits roll by to a minor chord, I found myself silent for the entire time.

I am now resolved to play through the game one more time.



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