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My History

King Vences



Well, here I am, almost 900 days after the very day I created my nation. A lot of fun, weird, lame, and sad events have taken place since then. From the very beginning, I grew my nation according to small alliance tradition. I received the standard recruitment messages, but they didn't peak my interest. I then received a message from my first alliance, The White Delegation. Funny thing is that said alliance was founded the day I got the message. So I applied. Now what ?

Well, I took to the skies early on. I thought it would be fun to be a Minister of Defense. So I applied. So I got shot down. I thought it would be fun to be the Minister of Foreign Affairs. So I applied. So I dropped out after realizing how much work that would be and how inexperienced I was. So I ran for the only position with no other candidate. The Minister of Internal Affairs. That was the effective career-changing factor in my entire CN lifetime.

Well, I was elected. Now what do I do ? Well, I asked the alliance leader. I make the newspaper, keep people updated, spread the news, and keep people interested in the alliance, among many other things. I say I was doing pretty good. The next election came, and bam, landslide victory. My second term introduced something a bit new to the mix. I was to be spearheading the development of a newspaper. I experimented with a few versions and settled on one after a poll. That was when I decided to introduce Photoshop into my mix of attributes. I figure it would be cool to do stuff in Photoshop. So from there, we went for a while, and I made a video for my alliance. Just in time to run for the 3rd elections against a worthy opponent. Another landslide. I was starting to like the crazy twist known as CN politics. It wouldn't be like that for long.

During my 3rd term, things were heating up. TWD and TPF were having a few troubles, and my alliance hit a recession. We weren't doing to good, but after a group of members formed a breakaway alliance, that crushed my moral. It was about halfway through my 3rd term and I had to fix the impression that I failed my alliance, that all the inactivity and lack of intelligence was my fault. It was that moment when when all of a sudden, a certain member was expelled, and seemingly, the problems lifted away. Everything was relatively still during the upcoming 4th election. I couldn't run for the position because I resigned from the alliance not too long before the group of members formed a breakaway alliance mention before. I left to RnR while all that happened. I had to return as I missed the characteristics of TWD. Branded as a spy for a while, I couldn't run. I just kind of sat there for 2 months, but during that time, I was still at work. My job consisted of running the newspaper, big deal. Those 2 months flew right by. Time for the 5th elections. I won another landslide despite the previous events. So I was in my 4th term as the MoIA. I felt like I could just do whatever now. The government had fallen into obscurity and I didn't know what to do.

To get rid of the feeling that there was nothing going on, I made new forums for TWD. I really liked them. It was almost the end of the 2007 when I met a pair of dudes from some other alliance named GRAN, or the Global Republic of Allied Nations. They were cool people, and I liked hanging out with them. We shared a lot of similarities. We started talking, and somehow it ended up in thoughts about merging TWD and GRAN. I liked the idea, and so did the remaining TWD government. The thing was, that a few weeks had passed since the leader had even showed up. The only way I got approval to talk about a merger was via CN PM to the leader. All of a sudden, the gears started moving.

The 2 leaders from GRAN and myself started having...talks, if you will. Planning everything for a merger. The name, the color, the allies, the government, everything was perfectly assembled like some sort of high performance luxury sports car. I thought it was fail proof.There was just one problem... I didn't have the authority to take any of this out. The leader of TWD thought it was a good idea, but he was never there to approve of things, and he wouldn't approve it unless it went his way. I got an idea.

The vice-leader of the alliance at the time was even more inactive, so I requested he be fired. He eventually got fired. That is where I realized the true power I had come to hold. The gears started moving even more, and a think tank of information poured in from all sides. Everything stated from here on out was planned by myself and the GRAN leaders.

I requested the charter be changed to allow a new position, the "Executive Minster", which allowed said position to inherit the power of any missing government member in the case of their absence. As I made the position, I was appointed to it, ending my 4th term as MoIA, and half of a 5th term (nobody ran against me the 6th TWD election). I started my first term as EM. I inherited the vice-leader powers as per the new position I took.

The year was close to an end, a week at most before the 1st of January. The TWD leader still hasn't shown up. I had to do something if we wanted our master plan to take place. I read through the charter closely at the position I had edited into it, the Executive Minister. I never realized that I typed that I could inherit the abilities of both the vice leader AND leader. Technically, the leader was not there. I could inherit the spot if I planned a takeover quickly. The charter says that the president may be voted out if necessary. With only 2 other government members, we started a poll. The vote was 3 and 0, in favor of kicking out the president. Since the President no longer existed there, I took that spot. It was January 8th, sometime in the morning. Only a few hours later, the GRAN leaders announced the merger of TWD and GRAN. We had formed the Auric Armada. A period of 2 months worth of planning and waiting had come to pay off.

Myself and the 2 GRAN leaders formed a triumvirate. In a month, we gained 300k NS from what we started out with. In 2 months we were past 1 mil. The very day we turned 1 mil and were released from OPP (it was carried over via GRAN), we announced our swap to yellow along with our buddies at Deck of Cards and Defense Confederation. Myself and the DoC leader gained senate seats over FAN quite quickly. We had officially become a yellow colony.

Things were great for a while. We had inspired many other small alliances to join and form in Yellow. It seemed as if our work had paid off. Soon, the other 2 members of the Auric Armada triumvirate resigned and went off to real life, ditching their nations. They assigned somebody to join the triumvirate, but he left soon after. There was mass inactivity and the work was becoming overwhelming. I had to get more members in government, so I reluctantly approved a recently accepted member of Auric Armada. He showed experience in what he was assigned to, so I didn't see a problem. He was later discovered to be a FAN reroll, and was attacked, along with other FAN rerolls in DoC. That was the first time I was nuked, and the first time I launched a nuke in retaliation.

After that whole episode, I didn't find much fun in politics anymore, and the government was 0% active. We were rapidly dropping strength, and I honestly tried to find a way to save the dying alliance. It turns out that it was damaged beyond repair, both in public relations, and general activity. In a last effort to save the nations in Auric Armada from falling into obscurity, I ordered that all Auric Armada nations join Defense Confederation. That was the disbandment of the Auric Armada.

A few minutes after that, I started speaking to bigwoody of TORN. He seemed like a pretty good dude, and he knew what he was doing. I asked him if I could apply, and he said yes, so I did. I was accepted, and begin a new chapter in my CN career in a new alliance, with a new goal, which was to stay on the sidelines and support when called to. I didn't want to be in heavy politics anymore. I held random jobs around TORN for a while, and I really got to know the general member base of TORN. It seems like I could stay there forever.

I just might.

- King Vences.



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