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Memorial Commissioned




'We go live to Auldhall for this announcement from the Prime Minister. Our chief political correspondant Tony Williams is on site as we speak... Tony?'

'..Thanks Pete. In just a moment we'll be hearing from the PM on what is believed to be the commissioning of a new memorial commemorating the recent global conflict. It is widely known that the PM has been lobbying for a memorial since the end of the 'Karma' war, but only now in the nuclear ashes of what was Parliament house has his request finally been granted. As far as I can tell it appears it will... wait.. yes, here he is now....'

'Ladies and Gentlemen of the press corp, I bid you welcome back to Auldhall. As you can see construction of the new Parliament house is well underway, soon we'll be able to call this home again. That however, is not what we came to talk about today. Over the last two years our great nation has seen war and bloodshed on a truly epic scale. Many sons and daughters of this great land lost forever in the defence of the realm. For too long has their sacrifice been unmarked. But not just our own troops... We have friends and allies across this world who have suffered as badly if not worse than ourselves. With that my proposal for a memorial has finally been approved by Parliament. Thomas Smitson has been commissioned by His Majesty's Government to produce a piece to commemorate the brave troops that have fallen in defence of the Phoenix as well as those who fought against her. Work has already begun with the intent of an unveiling to mark the one year anniversary of the end of hostilities. Furthermore, having consulted with His Majesty I have the honour to declare that the fourth of August will now be known as a official national holiday as a day of remembrance to those who lost their lives in both here and on foreign soil...'

'...well there you have it, a new memorial, we'll have more information on this and other stories as they develop later in the show........'



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