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bow chicka wow wow





I have spent a fair amount of time (lies) thinking about this latest conflagration that has recently beset Planet Bob and I have come to a singular conclusion. Anarchy is the new pink. Folks, pink is out, anarchy is in. I'm not just talking about your nation burning like a roman candle on crack, but politics, friendship, morality, the whole kitten caboodle! This is where you all strip down, burn your clothes and dance in a shower of yoo-hoo.

Seriously though, this war is both awesome and completely asinine. I nominate TOP/IRON for the first ever group award named for that one guy who came up with gene pool cleansing. Really, a pre-emptive strike? That was your grand plan? Pretty ballsy for IRON to go along with that kind of plan, with their previous membership in the coalition of cowards. They've come a long way from "NPO screwed us, so let's mass cancel!" to "OMG C&G will hit us if we roll the hard six and support NpO, let's hit them instead!" This right here is why you don't drink and CN at the same time. It is never a good idea, ever.

Then of course there is the horde. I mean all the gum flappers who repeat the same crap over and over again. 'It was pre-emptive', 'CnG was planing our destruction', 'Kitten calenders, kitten calenders, kitten calenders', 'I know the facts because I heard it from someone who knows someone who knows a guy who cracked a evil communique with a drogans decoder ring'. OK so a couple were ridiculous, but it fits. You can't argue a negative no matter how hard you try, you will always come out looking paranoid or stupid. The best course of action for something like this is to just say 'We're doing it because we can.' That is much more simple and neat than actually trying to find some kind of justification for acting rashly and without cause. If the coin was reversed the same people who are currently trying to justify a negative would be howling like no tomorrow against it. Yes, you people are that predictable.

The same goes for propaganda, laying out the facts as a person see's it is not propaganda. Each side has an element screaming propaganda as soon as a post goes up laying out facts or observations. It is as if some ripped a page out of the Pavlov's Dogs play book. If you read it you MIGHT be influenced, oh the horror! Each side has its path set, it is rather unlikely any alliance is going to go 'Oops we made a mistake and supported the wrong side, our bad.' Tin foil hats and hockey helmets are available for a nominal fee.

TOP/IRON had a prepackaged excuse put together before they declared. Their allies ate it up, it tasted so sweet, because if you look at the sides, this is ALMOST Karma part deux. 'CnG is gonna hit us if we support NpO, so we're gonna hit them first, cool?' You don't normally see a group of alliances who are considered to be rather astute, initiate their own curb stomp. It kind of goes against rational thinking, since the SOP on PB is to figure out a way to isolate then destroy. I think the go code was given when they got Uncle Grub's blessing, thinking that NpO would come in support or stay neutral, as their ace in the hole. We all know how that turned out. :ph34r:

I can't really blame Grub for screwing over another group of allies. I mean the first time is always hardest, after that it just gets easier. Kind of like the assurances TOP gave during the events leading up to the Karma war. There you had a side thinking they had TOP locked up as either on their side or neutral. That didn't happen either. It would be so boring if no one screwed anyone over, that would wipe out 95% of the grudges many have been holding for 3+ years.

In the end...

I'm all for burning pixels, I support Planet Bob becoming one giant flame trench till the end of time. With any luck you'll only need to be a 15k NS nation to make the 5% club and buy nukes! How sweet would that be? This war could be a time machine! Turning the clock back, death to the pixel hoarders and stats lovers. The thought is orgasmic, going back to our roots, when the world was fluid. If we're lucky admin will give us the H-Bomb, when combined with a WRC the pain inflicted makes re-rolling for better resources a good idea.




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