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Russari News Network: February 6th 2010

Nedved I



(Old news ticker sound)

Welcome to the Russari News Network war edition, I'm your newscaster

Vladek Fomenko voice of the Republic. Here's what is making news.

More fighting broke out to day between The Russari 40th Tank division and Italy's 42nd Rocket Infantry. In which the 40th with the support of the 92nd Infantry were able to repel that attack, with upwards of Two thousand dead on either side. This marks day four of the conflict with close to Ten thousand on either side dead.


* The Russari 40th tank division holds off another attack.

Also today the General Assembly passed the War Powers act. giving President Nedved more power to conduct the military during times of war. The bill passed 250-125 with 25 absent or abstaining. The bill now moves on to the senate where it is expected to pass.

That's all for tonight, This is Vladek Fomenko signing off for the Russari News Network.

We leave you tonight with Vivaldi's four seasons: Winter.




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