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Excerpts from Uralican Daily News, 30 January 2010 Edition




Top Stories

Influx Could Mean More Cities - Shlomov

SYKTYVKAR - according to Uralican Tribal Council member Ovdey Shlomov, the recent influx of Hungarians and Estonians into Uralica could easily mean that more settlements could attain city status when the next review is done in mid-March.

Shlomov was quick to point out that the town of Gubakha "finally got its act together" with regards to its inadequate road system, while several other potential cities have begun construction on required campuses of the State College of Uralica.

He also says the influx has caused some of the larger cities to grow a fair bit as well, specifically Surgut, Kirov, Syktyvkar, and the Ukhta-Sosnogorsk conurbation.

Some conditionally-accepted cities have had the subject-tos taken off their city status. For the city of Chernushka, this was done almost immediately, as the final inspection for the occupancy permits was on the day after city status was granted. Usinsk had the subject-tos taken off the same day for different reasons, as it was the day Highway UH-1B was completed far enough into the city.

On the other hand, some of these cities, most notably Krasnoufimsk, only just completed their campuses, and had their subject-tos taken off yesterday.

According to Shlomov, who was reading a series of inspections to us in a recent interview, the closest non-city to becoming a city is, in fact, Naryan-Mar, who did not apply to be reassessed in November after being refused earlier in the year. Instead, the city's residents worked on building their infrastructure up to be able to hold more people, and it proved to be worth it as around six thousand new people moved to Naryan-Mar over the course of the last two months, mainly Russians and Komi.

He also notes that the town of Trakt, a notoriously Hungarian centre within Komiland county, has ballooned in size from the twenty-two thousand people it had in mid-October to almost forty thousand after the influx, but also, that the road system that was in place at the time of the influx was far better-suited to a city of that size.

The official date of the next assessment is 19 March 2010 - it would normally be on the 18th day of the month, but 18 March is a national holiday in Uralica.


Draw Made For Kanslerinkilpi 2010 Qualifying Matches

SYKTYVKAR - Sure, it's only Nelonen teams, but football's football. At least that's what Jarkko Salomäki had to say earlier today as 288 teams from the lowest division of the Uralikan Jalkapalloliiga were paired off.

It was also today that the tournament-specific rules were handed down, after they were voted on and approved by both the Uralikan Palloliitto (the governing body of football in Uralica) and the Uralikan Jalkapalloliiga's Board of Directors:

1. Teams can be drawn against teams from the same Zone only in the main draw.

Note: For those of you who don't know Uralican football, there are sixteen zones in Uralica which are represented by one division in the Nelonen. Two zones feed into one sector represented by a division in the Kolmonen, with four sectors comprising half of Uralica, represented by a division in the Kakkonen.

2. A first team cannot play against the reserve team of the same club.

2a. In the event the draw mandates it through play, the match is considered a walkover win in favour of the first team.

2b. In the event a reserve team is drawn against its corresponding first team during a draw, the draw is voided and the team is put back into the draw pool.

3. Any match won under dubious circumstances will be reviewed upon request. If it is found that blatant cheating or poor sportsmanship caused the match to be won, the Uralikan Palloliitto (hereafter referred to as UPL) and Uralikan Jalkapalloliiga (hereafter referred to as UJPL) reserve the right to order the match to be replayed.

3a. If it is found that the match officials abetted said cheating or poor sportsmanship by their conduct, they will receive up to a ten-match suspension and a fine to be decided by the UPL's Officiating Standards Committee based on the nature of the grievance.

3b. If it is found that the accusations levelled against a team are false, the team filing the complaint does not have the right to appeal the decision.

3c. No member of the official 15-member complaints review panel is allowed to be on the bankroll of any club(s).

4. Until 21 March, all matches will be played with the stadium roofs up. After 21 March this is subject to the discretion of the home club and the owners of its stadium.

5. The tournament is a one-leg-knockout tournament through all rounds, including qualifiers.

After reading these out, UPL president Attila Farkas said, "Good luck to you all."

The Matchups

Sortavalan Palloklubi vs. Gornyak Nyandoma

FK Muravlenko vs. Polaris Zapadnaya Revda

Torpedo Saransk vs. Sapmi Murmansk

Dinamo Petroskoi vs. Energiya Nizhny Tagil

IPK-Reservit (Isoustiuki) vs. UJK-Reservit (Usovuori)

Ural Alapayevsk vs. Dinamo Cherepovets

Dinamo Emva vs. Rapid Konosha

Sokol Izhevsk vs. FK Okhansk

Stal Ulator vs. Dinamo Orichi

Mashinostroitel-II Aleksandrovsk vs. Apatiittin Palloseura

FK Chaykovsky vs. Metallurg Yoshkar-Ola

Lesnik Uva vs. Spartak Kizel

FK Kukarka vs. Dinamo Nizhny Tagil

FK Pirogovo vs. Dinamo-II Kirov

FK Berezniki-II vs. CSKA-II Syktyvkar

FK Asbest vs. FK Glazov

FK Sharkan vs. Metallurg Kamensk

FK Vilgort vs. Spartak Vologda

Ural Pervouralsk vs. Torpedo Purga

Spartak Glazov vs. Torpedo Malmyzh

Jaivan Pallokerho vs. FK Adzherom

Jupiter Yarkosky vs. Gornyak Pechora

Zheleznik Olenegorsk vs. FK Vereshchagino

Spartak-II Kirov vs. Khimik Saransk

FK Nizhnaya Tura vs. FK Kirov-II

Zheleznik Arkhangel'sk vs. FK Tsykmä

Peltinischer FC vs. FK Kachkanar

Lokomotiv Lysva vs. Dinamo-II Vologda

UralTek Pechora vs. FK Aleksandrovsk

FK Snezhogorsk vs. Retrofitnik Asbest

SK Karhumägi vs. Spartak Khanto

UralMash Punaturjin vs. CSFK Petroskoi

Dinamo Urengoy vs. Spartak Pazhga

Käkisalmen Palloseura vs. FK Zavyalovo

Torpedo Vologda vs. Polyarny Naryan-Mar

Transit-II Sosnogorsk vs. Tsementnik Berezniki

Mashinostroitel Nizhnaya Salda vs. FK Karakulino

Severomineralnik Apatity vs. Dinamo Shumerlya

Viipuri Kickers vs. Transit Kamyshlov

Krylyja Uralikov-II vs. Torpedo Cherepovets

TvinkiZavod Chaykovsky vs. Spartak Nizhny Tagil

Gruzchiky Arkhangel'sk vs. FK Emva

FK Eterne vs. MotorMash Dobryanka

Dynamo Öskölömi vs. FK Ordjanbuje

FK Urom vs. Mashinostroitel Krasnokamsk

Dinamo Yoshkar-Ola vs. Murman Severomorsk

Punaturjimen Palloseura vs. Tekstilshchik Igra

Torpedo Solikamsk vs. FK Zuyevka

Telekom-B Pazhga vs. FK Kirovgrad

Start Zheshart vs. FK Sernur

Spartak Cheboksary vs. Metallurg Kirovo-Chepetsk

Vogvozdino Town vs. FK Yukamenskoye

Dinamo Yarkosky vs. Inta Kickers

FK Kizner vs. Spartak Irbit

FK Yulskoye vs. Chŏvash Ulatŏr

FK Kogalym vs. Transit Kungur

Metallurg Ust'-Shonosha vs. Torpedo Sarapul

Turbo Karpinsk vs. Onega Kondupohju

Bumazhnik-II Solikamsk vs. Energiya Sheksna

Uralica Kotlas vs. FK Revda

Dinamo Monche vs. FK Raduzhnyy

Spartak Lysva vs. CSKA Viipuri

Pechorski SK-II vs. Spartak Gadzhiyevo

Karjalan JK Kondupohju vs. Mashinostroitel Saransk

Spartak Yekaterinburg vs. Spartak Yugorsk

Allianssi Murmashi vs. FK Inta-II

MTK Juganvar vs. FK Provoi

Serebrennik Koryazhma vs. Finnsky Klub Kolosjoki

FK Kuloy vs. Progress Vorkuta

FK Kirovo-Chepetsk vs. Usovuori Lesniki

Fortuna-II Nizhny Tagil vs. Spartak Cherepovets

Mordovia Orozai vs. Torpedo Pudozh

FK Kambarka vs. Promyshlennik Kamensk

Torpedo Krasnokamsk vs. FK Yurkino

Gornyak Kungur vs. FK Vorkuta-II

Gornyak Slobodskoy vs. Yamal Nyaidem

FK Novodvinsk vs. Torpedo Berezniki

Muujärven PK vs. Vychegda Yazel'

Spartak Sarapul vs. Turan-II Ukhta

Energiya Kez vs. Spartak Murmansk

FK Juganvar vs. Zheleznik Votka

Gornyak Polevskoy vs. Gazovik-II Izhevsk

FK Syumsi vs. Spartak Nyagan

Traktor Chusovoi vs. FK Sindor

Dinamo Kotlas vs. Trátyi TK-B

FK Alnashi vs. FK Ochyor

Olimpia-II Kirovo-Chepetsk vs. FK Nyaidem

Avtodor Yekaterinburg vs. Lokomotiv-II Kotlas

FK Khanto vs. Trud Orlov

FK Yugrakar vs. Dinamo Verkhnaya Salda

FK Kilemary vs. FK Yoshkar-Ola

Khalmer-Yu Town vs. FK Gubakha

FK Murashi vs. Spartak Saransk

Metallurg Novouralsk vs. Nakkanin Pallokerho

Spartak Veliski vs. Spartak-II Ukhta

Mashinostroitel Megion vs. FK Kizel

Mashinostroitel Cheboksary vs. FK Vytegra

Dinamo Osa vs. FK Sosnogorsk

FK Severomorsk vs. Dinamo Megion

Rapid Nizhny Tagil vs. FK Orshanka

FK Krasnogorskoye vs. Atlantis Pääjärvi

Velocitas Votka vs. FK Artyomovsky

Tsementnik Pitkäranta vs. FK Shenkursk

Promyshlennik Zakamsk vs. Zenit Lesnoy

FK Kotlas-II vs. Torpedo Zapolyarny

Dinamo Yekaterinburg vs. Zavod Ural-II Solikamsk

Dinamo-II Arkhangel'sk vs. FK Debyosi

FK Sigayev vs. Zenit Yekaterinburg

Apatitsky FK vs. Metallist Saransk

FK Solikamsk vs. Visinger SV

Volga Yulser-Ola vs. FK Kez

CSKVC-II Kirov vs. Kem Vienankemi

Traktor Vereshchagino vs. Salamat Kirssi

Dinamo Tavda vs. FK Yulser-Ola

Patschker SpVgg vs. FK Yurino

FK Sentervorri vs. Transit Veliski

FK Nolinsk vs. Udmurt Balezino

FK Syktyvkar-II vs. FK Krasnoflotsky

FK Bolshaya Ucha vs. Neftekhimik Onega

Transit Gryazovets vs. Sokol Sarapul

Metallist Pervouralsk vs. Mashinist Chusovoi

Lokomotiv Tsivilsk vs. Suhona Isoustiuki

FK Zvyozdny vs. Transit Votka

Polar Dawns Rovers vs. KJK Reservit

Viktoria Severomorsk vs. Rezh Town

Dinamo Igra vs. Jokerit Suojärvi

Dinamo Krasnoufimsk vs. Spartak Berezniki

Transit Vojatsu vs. Amkar-II Perm'

Zavod Oktyabrsky vs. Metallurg Serov

Lokomotiv Tsykmä vs. Luch Murmansk

FK Novy Urengoy vs. Torpedo Petroskoi

Dinamo Koryazhma vs. Khimik Revda

Torpedo Arkhangel'sk vs. YugraMash Kogalym

Transit Krasnoslobodsk vs. Spartak Plesetsk

Lesnik Vuktyl vs. Mashinostroitel-II Kirov

Mordovia-II Saransk vs. Torpedo Agryz

Khimik-II Koryazhma vs. FK Nizhny Tagil

Inter Enso vs. FK Ozerki

Torpedo Yekaterinburg vs. Spartak-II Yoshkar-Ola

SiPS-Reservit vs. Ural-II Yekaterinburg

FK Kozlovka vs. Energiya Nytva

Lokomotiv Trakt vs. Torpedo Yar

MetaFraks-II Gubakha vs. Torpedo Sernur

Spartak Arkhangel'sk vs. FK Pychas

Although there are 144 matches to be played, with the winners going into select slots which will be decided in Monday's main draw, there are a few particular matches that the UDN sports panel figures you ought to check out:

- SiPS-Reservit vs. Ural-II: This is a clash of two of the best youth teams in Uralica. You can't miss this.

- IPK-Reservit vs. UJK-Reservit: Isoustiukin PK and Usovuoren JK, both Ykkönen clubs, have a rather storied rivalry. Their reserve teams should not disappoint in this regard.

- SK Karhumägi vs. Spartak Khanto: A couple of up-and-coming powerhouses here. The former played against Sortavalan Palloklubi and absolutely blitzed them, 7-0, while the latter forced Obyugra FK, two divisions higher, to a penalty shootout before finally losing.

- TvinkiZavod Chaykovsky vs. Spartak Nizhny Tagil: Don't let the pastry-sponsored name fool you. TZC means business. Thing is, so does Spartak, one of six Nizhnetagilsky teams that went straight into the Nelonen. Could be a classic.

- Dinamo Kotlas vs. TraTK-B: Dinamo has come into this match determined to beat the reserve team of the ethnic Hungarian juggernauts. The problem is, do they have the talent to take down a team with borderline-Kakkonen-level talent?

- Khalmer-Yu Town vs. FK Gubakha: Labelling themselves as the "Smallest team in the zone with the biggest heart," Khalmer-Yu Town comes from a small junction town of around three thousand people, but their footy team is surprisingly good - they have already won two friendlies - one against Neftekhimik Parma (3-1), and another against Lesnik Vuktyl (2-0).

- Dinamo Yekaterinburg vs. ZavU-II: A team lower than it should be against a reserve team with Kakkonen-level talent. Should be very interesting indeed.

- Mordovia-II Saransk vs. Torpedo Agryz: Although it's expected the Mordovia reserves will win, this match is historic in the sense that it is the first involvement of Agryz District in any greater Uralican cultural event, in this case sport, and at that, the qualifiers take place not even a month after the annexation of the district.

- FK Pirogovo vs. Dinamo-II Kirov: Most of the panel expects this to be so lopisded it will look ridiculous. I kinda pity Pirogovo for getting into this mess in the first place.

These matches go Saturday, 6 February 2010, with the roofs closed.



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