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Vinzent Zeppelin

Nordreich Kaiserlich Decree

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Esteemed rulers of the world,

This will hardly be a surprise to any of you, so I will make it brief. Over a month ago, the day before the Doomhouse-Federation of Armed Nations declaration of war on the New Pacific Order, a FAN representative informed us of their intentions and asked for our assistance pursuant to our gentlemen's agreement with that alliance, to which we agreed. Certain events, such as Nueva Vida's entry into the conflict surrounding the New Polar Order, and the obscene demands being made of our allies in the Dark Templar, delayed our fulfillment of this request. However, we are grateful that FAN and their co-combatants have been understanding of our position, and lent their diplomatic influence to bring the issue between the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations and DT to a satisfactory resolution; therefore, tonight we shall show our gratitude.

The people of Nordreich and the NPO have our own history with each other, but that is neither here nor there. Tonight, in support of our allies, and to honour the memory of a fallen brother, we declare war on the New Pacific Order.

His Infernal Majesty [i]Nemhauser[/i], Kaiser von Nordreich
His Imperial Excellency [i]Vinzent von Zeppelin[/i], Kronprinz des Reiches
[i]SF Austin[/i], Reichsmarschall der Wehrmacht
For [i]Thor von Mayhem[/i] of Ciníoch Muintir

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[quote name='wickedj' timestamp='1299215053' post='2651972']
Well thats about as cowardly as you can get

Honoring a treaty/agreement with a friend/ally is cowardly? My my, that's a marvelous revelation.

Happy hunting, Nordreich!

Edited by Lord Boris

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http://s7.viastreaming.net/8305/ Tune in to Radio Nordland, preferrably using the Flash Option, for news from the front and music to kill with!

It is time for payback. Heia Nordland.

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