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CSN/DT/Legacy/LoSS/R&R Peace Agreement

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Without further ado, the alliances of DT, CSN, LoSS, RnR, and Legacy will be turning the page of this chapter in their history.

[u][b]The Terms for DT:[/b][/u]
[quote]1. The Dark Templar (henceforth known as DT) hereby surrender to the combined forces of the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations (now known as CSN) and Legacy.

2. DT agrees to not re-enter the war (this includes the Doomhouse/New Pacific Order front)

3. DT agrees to not aid anyone at war.

4. DT agrees to pay twenty thousand technology to the combined forces of CSN and Legacy.

4a. DT will pay CSN with 5k tech from any 2k tech nation and above. The other 5k can be paid by any DT nation in either tech or the exchange rate of 3 mill for 100 tech. Legacy will accept tech or 3 mill for 100 tech from any nation be it DT or Ally with the exception of Loss for a total of 10k tech

4b If any nation fails to accept the aid package prior to expiration that tech will still be considered paid and removed from the tech total

5. DT shall post a formal apology to Liz for allowing inappropriate conversations to continue far too long in their public IRC channel[/quote]

[u][b]The Terms for LoSS:[/b][/u]
[quote]LoSS is granted white peace, but shall post a formal apology for it's members actions on IRC[/quote]


For Legacy:

[quote]Sarmatian Empire, Lord
Wappas, Regent
Hetman Vladislav, MoFA
Penguino, MoW[/quote]

For CSN:

[quote]Goose, Head of State, Warmonger, Hater of Huggles, and Old Man with a Cane
Liz, Deputy Head of State, Minister of Penkybabyy, Former worst MoFA ever, All Star Reps Negotiator, ZI club Member
SpacingOutMan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Preacher of Goose, Defender of Beward, and The Commonwealth's Left Hand[/quote]

For RnR:

[quote]EgoFreaky - R&R President
LincolnC - R&R Vice President[/quote]

For DT:

[quote]Myworld, Dark Archon
Supa_Troop3r, Twilight Archon
Titan, Steward[/quote]

For LoSS:

Desert Ratz
Co God Ben

[b]The above sigs would like to give a special thanks to Bud of Valhalla. His friendship to both sides of the conflict has proven invaluable.[/b]

[quote]To CSN, particularly Liz:

The League of Small Superpowers officially apologizes for any and all offensive actions put forth against you on IRC on Sunday, February 27th. While this has been a generally fun war, sometimes, lines are crossed. Know this is a genuine apology and we thank you for a fun war.

Signed for LoSS,
[i]Her government and her membership[/i][/quote]

[quote]The Dark Templar, hereby apologize for not properly moderating our channel, irc://frozen.coldfront.net/#DT. We are sorry for the actions that took place, and do not condone OCC threats/insults on ones character.

Signed for DT,
[i]Her government and her membership[/i][/quote]

And of course, what would be a Sarm post without an epic cake?


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3. DT agrees to not aid anyone at war.

Does that mean ANYONE at war? To include Reps?

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Congratulations on the peace. The tech for DT is still silly, but mostly I am glad to see my friends and allies in LoSS emerge without reparations to pay.

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Not what I would have originally wanted, but ultimately this is probably the best solution possible at this point. I will be glad to put this chapter of the Commonwealth's history behind us, and hope lessons have been learned by all parties.

Congratulations to all on a well-earned peace. :)

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