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A joint annoucement by GLoF and DAWN

Golan 1st

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Fellow citizens of planet Bob,
I am most pleased to announce the following treaty between GLoF and DAWN:

[color="#FF8C00"][b][u][size="7"]Masons Wake Up At Dawn[/size]
[size="5"]A Mutual Defence and Optional Aggression treaty between The Democratic Alliance of Wise Nations and the Grand Lodge of Freemasons[/size][/b][/color][/center]

Close and exceptionally warm relations have long since existed between The Democratic Alliance of Wise Nations and the Grand Lodge of Freemasons. In recognition of the special bonds between the alliances, and in view of our common values and ideals, we hereby formalize this special relationship and announce our mutual commitments.

[b]Article I: General[/b]
The signatories and their respective members shall treat each other in a friendly and respectful manner in all communication channels.
The Signatories shall cooperate for the benefit of both alliances in the areas of diplomacy, trade, tech deals etc.

[b]Article II: Communications[/b]
The signatories shall keep open communication channels at all times. They shall inform each other in advance of any developments in their foreign affairs and security policies. The signatory alliances shall provide each other any relevant information and take the concerns of the other side into account.
The signatories shall hold regular meetings with representatives of both governments to update each other of recent developments.

[b]Article III: Mutual Defense[/b]
An attack on one signatory alliance is an attack on both.
However, shall a signatory come under attack as a result of its own aggression (including direct military operations, espionage, aid to a warring third party and all other deeds which are widely recognized as acts of hostility) or commitments of another treaty, the other signatory is not obliged to come to its aid. If the circumstances justify it, the other signatory, at the discretion of its own government, may still join the attacked party.
The signatories shall coordinate the negotiations to end wars they are involved in according to this article and shall not sign separate peace treaties to end such wars. However, the signatories may allow each other to negotiate and reach separate peace.
Diplomatic channels will remain open to ensure that all signatories are aware of any potential threats developing to either alliance's safety. In the event either signatory declares war via activation of a clause from another treaty, and therefore requests the other signatory's assistance after coming under attack, the mandatory defense is then considered optional defense.

[b]Article IV: Mutual Aggression[/b]
Neither alliance is obliged to partake in assistance in offensive wars, all military or monetary support is strictly to be decided by each sovereign alliance, yet both are encouraged to support each other when needed.

[b]Article V: Espionage[/b]
Neither alliance may directly participate in espionage of any type, regardless of situation and target. If either one of the undersigning alliances conducts espionage on the other signatory, this pact will be revoked immediately following a 24-hour truce. If either alliance bound to this pact conducts espionage on a non-signing alliance, it is grounds for revocation, but such action may or may not be taken by the other signatories leaders.

[b]Article VI: Termination[/b]
This treaty shall only be terminated if either undersigned alliance chooses to exit this treaty or if Article III is found to be violated by a member alliance. If one of the undersigned chooses to terminate this pact, they must give five(5) days notice before the treaty is officially dissolved in which they remain fully bonded to the provisions contained therein.

The Undersigned do agree to respect and adhere to the Articles written above, both in the spirit and letter in which they are written.


[b][u]For the Grand Lodge of Freemasons:[/u][/b]
[b]Walking Dead[/b] - Grand Master
[b]Kuhnini[/b] - Grand Chance
[b]iwin90[/b] - Grand Superintendent
[b]Alaric[/b] - Grand Knight
[b]Timmy09[/b] - Grand Treasurer

[b][u]For the Democratic Alliance of Wise Nations:[/u][/b]
[b]Golan 1st[/b], President
[b]Booter[/b], Chief Councilor
[b]amad123[/b], Councilor and Coordinator of Security
[b]Frannie[/b], Councilor

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This treaty was very natural, given the kind of relations between the alliances.
The Lodge is generally great to work with, but I wish, at this time, to personally thank two great diplomats of GLoF, monkeybum and whatthefunk. Their contribution to the relations between the alliances is unique. They are assets to any alliance and we at DAWN appreciate their work a lot.

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Gongrats DAWN! GLOF are some awesome allies.

also, Considering GLOF's time table for these things, how many years ago did you start talking treaty with them? I'm just curious. :D (obviously kidding)

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