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Improvement and Wonder Stacking

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In another game I play, there are two types of armor, and one of each may be equipped - armor which ignores a base amount of damage, and armor which absorbs a percentage of damage.

So I might have Big Armor, which ignores 10 points of damage, and Green Armor, which absorbs 15% of damage.

The order in which I equip the armor makes a difference, as it determines the order in which they work.

So, if someone hit me with 50 points of damage, and I equipped Big Armor first, it would ignore 10 points first, then Green Armor would absorb 15% of the remainder. And vice-versa.

Big Armor first:

(50 - 10) * .85 = 40 * .85 = 34 damage received.

Green Armor first:

(50 * .85) - 10 = 42.5 - 10 = 32.5 damage received.

I was wondering if CN had the same mechanics. There are three basic types of improvements/wonders relating to income - population boosters, income/happiness boosters, and income percentage boosters.

If I buy an improvement or wonders in a specific order, will that affect my tax collection in a way relating to the example above?

If I bought SM and then SSS, then:

Income = (Base collection + $10) + ((Base collection + $10) * 7%)

Where if I bought SSS then SM, then:

Income = (Base collection + (Base collection * 7%) + $10

Or am I off base completely and game mechanics ignores improvement/wonder build order?

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[quote name='Captain Nathan Brittles' timestamp='1298159643' post='2638739']
You're completely off-base and game mechanics completely ignore improvement/wonder build order. :)

Thank you for confirming what most of Sparta already knows (that I'm usually off-base) :awesome:

Seriously thanks though for clarifying :P

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