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Peace Bonanza part II: Peace harder


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[quote name='angryraccoon' timestamp='1297726175' post='2633552']
Ok Ok ... It was fun fighting Gondor's Honor Guard also.

They were [i]tLW members[/i]. :smug:

[quote name='Sefano Palmieri']That's terrible! tLW really are worse than NPO if they're forcing Londo to sing.[/quote]

I see you're catching on. :awesome:

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[quote name='Finnish Commie' timestamp='1297724475' post='2633490']I had some fun fighting you guys personally. It was a pleasure.[/quote]
[quote name='angryraccoon' timestamp='1297724921' post='2633512']So long and thanks for all the casualties !!

o/ Magister
o/ Divine
o/ Prodigy

You guys have been some of the best opponents I have faced and I salute you.[/quote]
Nothing but a pleasure. Sorry about all that thar infra, though. :P


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[quote name='Rush Sykes' timestamp='1297724977' post='2633518']
[b]Aside from[/b] far, my favorite alliance that we were fighting. I considered them friends before the war, and I hope nothing has strained or damaged that. Congrats to all of us.


Also about the tail end of that quote, if Athens acted the same to tLW as they did to FAR, then I'm sure no friendship damage was caused B-)

Congrats on peace tLW, every moment that you fought after we got out, I felt bad for not being by your sides anymore. Now let's all rebuild!

o/ tLW

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[quote name='divine proportion' timestamp='1297726634' post='2633563']

You were hands-down the hardest opponent I've ever fought. Thanks for the near ZI :P
At the end, you turtled and robbed me from reaching 4 million casualties. And us from giving you the gift of ZI.

i h8 u.


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Thanks iFOK and Athens, it was great fun fighting against you!

Hail Agryraccoon
Hail Londo Mollari
Hail WickedJ
Hail Spaarlamp
Hail Ryxeria
Fighting you 5 actually made the boring wars in CN fun and i thank you guys for that.

Also hail to Riftear, Tech9, Starschwar and Omgitseriin for the effort they did fighting.

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