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Gone Fishing


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Flying Hellfish United hereby surrenders to the combined forces of the Global Order of Darkness, the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations, and Legacy. We have agreed to the following terms:

1: The aforementioned parties agree to cease all hostilities and declare peace.

2: We (FHU) do not (re)engage with any alliance for the duration of this war.

3: We will not take aggressive actions and will not send aid to anyone still involved in wars against GOD, CSN, or Legacy.

[b]Signed for the Global Order of Darkness:[/b]

Xiphosis, Dark Lord
Commander Sera, Lord of War

[b]Signed for the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations:[/b]

Goose, Head of State, Warmonger, Hater of Huggles, and Old Man with a Cane
Allied_Threat, Deputy Head of State, Preacher of Warmonger, Conscientious Objector to the War That's in My Mind, Slayer of Infidels, Doer of Your Mum (note: yours not mine)
Liz, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Penkybabyy
Captain_Mudfoot, Minister of Defense
Gibsontator21, Minister of Interior Affairs
JTKirk, Director of Recruitment
Requia, Director of Education

[b]Signed for Legacy:[/b]

Sarmatian Empire, Lord
Wappas, Regent
Hetman Vladislav, MoFA,
Penguino, MoW

[b]Signed for Flying Hellfish United:[/b]

CzarBomba, Founding Father, MoF
Dethkon1, Founding Father, MoW, MoFA
HerrBesserwisser, Founding Father, Dean of FHU

Damn near as many signatures as we have members.

Good fight, and good-night.

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[quote name='mindbullet' timestamp='1297216342' post='2626373']
Hey Viking, Vesalius, and King Chris of Spain,

I had fun battling it out!

See ya all around.
You as well, good luck.

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[quote name='Xerxes II' timestamp='1297216171' post='2626369']
Was fun playing Thermonuclear War with you. Best of luck with peace

010001010010111010(Thanks, You Too) ;)

Congratulations to CSN, Legacy, and GOD on battles well fought and a victory well earned.

FHU appreciates the courtesy our enemies have shown during and after this war and it is not something that will soon be forgotten.

Best of luck to everyone and thanks for the well wishes.


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