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And Then There Was Silence...

Tulak Hord

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*3D glasses required to see the flags :v: *

The forces of NV, GLOF, WAPA, Colossus, Quantum, AB, CD, TFD, NATO, TNG, TPC and DDM agree to the following peace agreement with the forces of Sparta, MHA, Fark, PPO, AO, DF, Umbrella, and Argent.

1. All parties listed above agree to cease all hostilities.

2. The parties of NV, GLOF, WAPA, Colossus, Quantum, AB, CD, TFD, NATO, TNG, TPC, and DDM agree to not re-enter on any point in the current conflict surrounding NpO or NPO. These parties may defend against an alliance who DoWs (or equivalent) against their treatied allies after these terms are posted.

*Addendum: As NV and wF is a separate conflict, they shall remain at war and will negotiate their peace separately.

[b]Signed for Sparta:[/b]

Tulak Hord, King
Lukapaka, King
Yerushalayim, Ephor of Lykoi
Unholy, Ephor of Philoxenia
Patbrown, Ephor of Mesoa

[b]Signed for Mostly Harmless Alliance:[/b]

Cable77, Triumvirate
Dynasty, Triumvirate
El Presidente, Triumvirate

[b]Signed for Fark:[/b]

905 - Submitter
Randomly Jim - Squirrel
Emperor Norton I - Speaker of the Totalfark Council
Kahiel - Totalfark Council
CountryMouse - Totalfark Council
FireGuy15207 - Totalfark Council
Recockulous - Totalfark Council

[b]Signed for Umbrella:[/b]

Roquentin, President
NFLGeneric, Vice President
Natan, Field Marshall

[b]Signed for Argent:[/b]

Janax - Emperor
Diomede - Regent
Yosh - Minister of War

[b]Signed for Alpha Omega:[/b]

Galvan Mandorik, Triumvirate
Duncan, Triumvirate
Daenerys Targaryen, Triumvirate

[b]Signed for PPO:[/b]

Captain: Lurunin
Commander of War: SpliceVW
Commander of Internal Affairs: NoLaurelTree000
Commander of Recruitment: anguskahn
Commander of Foreign Affairs: Gingervites

[b]Signed for Darkfall[/b]

Daikos, King of Herp and Lord of all that is Derp
CaptainCrackers, High In&*&^itor Lord of Glorious Alliance Darkfall
Mnerp, Drepaderspdarerp

[b]/s/ for Colossus[/b]

[b]/s/ for the Grand Lodge of Freemasons[/b]
Walking_Dead ~ Grand Master
Kuhnini~ Grand Chancellor
Alaric~ Grand Knight
Timmy09~ Grand Treasurer
Grand Superintendent~ iwin90

[b]/s/ for Quantum[/b]
Toraoji, Grand Chancellor
BigO82, Deputy Grand Chancellor
ShadowPhoenix, Minister of War & Defence
Hollett, Minister of Foreign Affairs

[b]/s/ for WAPA[/b]
The Cheif

[b]/s/ for NV[/b]
His Holy Drunkness Centurius, Emperor of all Nueva Vida, High Lord of the Virgins, Pope of Tequilla, Admiral of the Navy, High Priest of sacrifices.
Nelchael, Lord of Brotherhood
Spoofmaniac, Deputy Lord of Brotherhood
Rin Heine, Lord of the Interior

[b]/s/ for Aurora Borealis[/b]
Evilest-The River Goddess

[b]/s/ for The Foreign Division:[/b]
Speaker - Illius Vander
Senator - Lusitan
Senator - Sir Volpe
Senator - SupremePrince
Senator - Eivind the Great
MoAD - The Iggy
MoS - LetsHunt
MoFA - GearHead

[b]/s/ for North Atlantic Treaty Organization:[/b]
AtheistRepublican, Secretary General
OrangeBlood, Secretary of Defense
Chocolate Cookies, Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Sir Humphrey, Secretary of Commerce
Astron, Secretary of Enlistment
Lenny N Karl, Chief Justice

[b]/s/ for The People's Community:[/b]
LittleRena - Empress
Roandask - Regent
DrakeZ07 - Director of Diplomacy
Tobiash - Director of Security
Stonehouse - Director of Development
Sonjo - Director of Business

[b]/s/ for The New Guy:[/b]
Confusion, Archon of Darkness
JDorian, Triumvir of Internal Affairs
Kaplechistan, Triumvir of War
Waffles, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs
Kingly, Lord of Resistance
Cesar Julian, Lord of Communications
Mr Atoms, Council Member
Deadman, Council Member
Squid33, Council Member
Slurm, Council Member

[b]/s/ for Carpe Diem[/b]
Bionic Redhead-Sovereign

[b]/s/ for DDM[/b]
The S Man

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Oh sure, delay the signing just long enough to give me hope for a third round, and then crush my dreams with only hours to go. <_< 500k casualties was [b]not[/b] enough.

Big hails to Mnehh and stalwart. We enjoyed playing playing cat and mouse with you two, but methinks it's time for the lot of us to disconnect the IVs and step away from our refresh buttons.

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